Top 5 Online Certifications To Make Your Resume Shine


Whether you are trying to add a new skill to your arsenal or trying to lean towards another profession entirely, online certifications are a must in the modern day competitive job market. People, especially in Pakistan, don’t take much advantage of these certifications even though they are excellent in making your resume shine.

Below, we have compiled the top 5 online certifications that you can take to make your resume shine. The best part? You can have them most of them for the very low price of FREE.

1. Google Digital Garage

Digital marketing is an ever-changing field and what better organization for digital marketers to pay attention to than google? Google offers free online courses, classes, workshops and much more to the people taking part in the digital garage certifications. This ensures that the participants stay up to date with all the ongoing trends in the field.

Courses in putting together marketing campaigns, developing web protocols, building a web presence and much more is offered by the google digital garage certification. The certificate to put on your resume can be obtained after you take all the classes.


2. Google Analytics Certification

The second certification on the list to make your resume shine also comes from google. Particularly concerned with google’s digital advertising programmes, the goal of this certification is to obtain specialization in advertising of all sorts. Search advertising, mobile advertising, video advertising, display advertising, and shopping advertising, you name it and they will show you how to do it completely from beginning to end.

So whether you are an up and coming businessman or just working at an agency and want to make your mark, google’s analytics certification is your go-to online training program from the list.

3. WordPress Academy

WordPress is arguably the most favorite web development platform as its super easy to customize, for developers. But if you are a beginner and want to impress your employer, a “Bachelors in WordPress” certification is surely going to do the trick.

WordPress Academy is a 30-day certificate programme which offers a free trial to the wide array of their courses, including beginner and advanced classes, all of which have recognizable certifications. So join today and complete the courses to get yourself the certification that is surely going to uplift your resume.

4. Diploma in Project Management

This completely free online project management course is designed to teach you to implement project phases like a complete expert. This programme will take you through all the important phases of project management in a very simple and clear way. Moreover, the course will be useful to all the professional project managers who want to improve their skills. Even beginners who want to take up project management as a career can benefit from this.

Taking this online certification will take you through all the crucial details of SDLC (System development life cycle). This includes analysis, design and planning etc. The course will also take you through every methodology in detail. So take this online certification and your skills in the field are bound to receive a huge boost!

5. Color Theory for Artists and Designers

For anyone involved with the visual arts, an accurate understanding of color theory is essential. The knowledge of color theory can be applied to every visual arts-related field, whether it be graphic designing, fashion, fine art or photography. Ranging from multiple essential aspects of color and light perception like hue, lightness and chroma, the course will take you through the beginner to expert stuff in a very simple and clear way.

This course can be completed in 3-4 hours, meaning you can just take it over the weekend too. The knowledge of visual arts will open up another world of hobbies and careers for the participants. So, there is no reason not to partake!


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