You season 2 review: Quest of Love in All the Wrong Places

Top 5 Bizarre Details You Missed in “You” season 2


About a year after Netflix first began streaming “You,” the thriller got its long-awaited second season and it has made quite a in Netflix fan-base and the ever-green community of memers. And so, here are the top 5 bizarre details you missed in “You” season 2.

1. Joe’s new name — Will Bettelheim — most likely implies to a real-life controversial psychologist.

For the second installment of the season, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) goes by the name Will Bettelheim, an identity he stole from someone else.

His last name resembles to Bruno Bettelheim, a psychologist notorious for his work treating emotionally disturbed children. After his death, many of his achievements were fogged by accusations that he had misdiagnosed many of his patients. There were further allegations of child abuse and lewd acts with infants.

Joe’s stolen identity could be intentional seeing as season two is the first time we get a deeper look into Joe’s disturbing childhood, including flashbacks to how his father abused his mother and how his mother mostly abandoned him.

Top 5 Bizarre Details You Missed in "You" season 2

2. One of the first things you see on season two is a mural of books.

The mural could be a nod to Joe’s past working at Mr. Mooney’s bookshop during season one.

It could also be taken as foreshadowing — shortly after this scene, Joe is offered a job as a bookseller at the high-end wellness store Anavrin.

This is also a real-life mural present in Hollywood, California. All of the books in it are authored by Charles Bukowski, a German-American poet and novelist whose home city is Los Angeles.

Top 5 Bizarre Details You Missed in "You" season 2


3. One of Love’s agent friends works with Netflix.

During episode two, as Joe is talking about Love’s agent colleague Lucy, an article about how she’s working on turning a poetry collection into an entire Netflix series briefly pops up on the screen.

This could be the show’s writers take on how “You” is now officially a Netflix series, although it began as a Lifetime show in 2018.

Top 5 Bizarre Details You Missed in "You" season 2


4. Rufus has an “It” (2017) movie poster in his basement.

Rufus has also embellished his house with a poster for “The Shining” (1980). Both are popular horror films that are based on books by Stephen King.

This could be foreshadowing the gruesome events that happen at the end of this episode.

Top 5 Bizarre Details You Missed in "You" season 2


5. Beck’s ghost is wearing a spin on a very familiar outfit.

During episode two, Joe sees what seems to be the ghost of Beck (Elizabeth Lail), and she is wearing a wardrobe that’s eerily similar to the one she wore during the “You” pilot, where she falls on the subway tracks.

Note the near-identical pink jacket, almost similar light-blue shirt, jeans, and stack of blue bracelets. The main dissimilarity is that Beck’s ghost is wearing a scarf to cover her bruised neck.

Top 5 Bizarre Details You Missed in "You" season 2


This violent and gruesome season has many easter eggs that are really thought-provoking. Share the easter eggs that you discovered in this season other than these top 5 bizarre details you missed in “You” season 2.

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