Top 10 online gifts stores in Pakistan

Top 10 Super Artsy Online Pakistani Gift Stores on Instagram in 2019


It’s 2019 and old trends are coming back. Handmade is now the new awesome and people are now admiring the joy of personalised gifts. My most exciting childhood days were those when I got to make cards for my friends and family. Be it birthdays, eid, someone’s day, we used to say it with pretty cards. Then digitalization whitewashed the essence of handcrafted and more than a decade later we are back to it. Social media websites like Pinterest and Instagram are now flooding with hand-made items and people are totally obsessing over them.

Good handmade gift stores were so rare in Pakistan until people realised the gap and started exhibiting and selling their art on Instagram. For those who haven’t come across these online arts gift stores operating in Pakistan, I am compiling a list of my favourite and most budget-friendly hand-made art stores on Instagram in 2019.

1. Nims Craft Shop

Nims craft is a small but special art store run by the very talented Nimrah Asghar, who just can’t stop amazing people with her creativity. This wonderful girl offers cards, scrapbooks, fully customised frames, and open-when letters and so much more to her clients. The home-based set-up started in 2018 and now the store is rushing with orders to an extent that she closes bookings every 2nd week of a month.

“I was forced into engineering and honestly I also thought that it was the right career choice for me. However, I was always found at art gallas and creative fests at university. I participated in an art stall at campus with a few handmade cards for fun, and there it was; orders flowing in. That’s when it striked.”- Nimrah Asghar

Check her awesome work and next time you won’t have to worry about gift ideas.

2. Nimra.Inkitin

The creative bursts by Nimra Khan will leave you in awe. She started her online gift store in Pakistan 2 years ago when she moved back to the country and saw that not a single conventional store has personalised cards.

“I had a thing for shopping cards. I started creating my own cards as there weren’t any decent card stores in Pakistan. Eventually people started requesting me to make for them too, and it started running as a business.” – Nimra Khan

As the requests started increasing, she realised how much can be done in the personalised gifts and sold many hand-made cards at Mr. Books 2 and Paperman. Now, she does her own thing with frequent collaborations with other businesses.


3. Succulent Fairies

What can be the perfect present to your loved ones better than a refreshing succulent that comes in such creative pots? Nothing! The Lahore based online gift store is the most creative I have come across while searching for gift ideas. They deal with concrete and wooden planters, coasters, wooden wall hangings, concrete magnets, candle pots, desktop stationery organizers, macrame hangings and so much more.

“Dish Gardens & Succulent Fairies is run by me and my wife. Other than the displayed collection, we also offer special packaging and customization as per customers request. All our products are handmade & handpainted Alhamdulilah.” – Ahmed Anwar, CEO

If you are Lahore based you can visit them at Sui Gas Society, Lahore, else you can order the succulents online. What’s more? They also have an android app to make the order process easy and hassle-free.

4. Blend by Ayesha

Blend by Ayesha is an online custom-made gifts store run by a freelance graphic designer and illustrator Ayesha Toor. She started making these artsy cards in 2016 and launched her own brand an year later.

 “I take custom orders, but at the same time I experiment with new mediums and also new products. I have a huge list of things I want to create for my clients specially customizable ones.” – Ayesha Toor

Ayesha deals with a blend of mediums and a variety of products. She has a lot to offer from fridge magnets to cards and paintings. She is open to new ideas and gives her customers the freedom to share their ideas so together they can create a product that everyone loves.  Isn’t she really creative?

5. The Hoop Studio 

If you have a thing for art, embroidered patches, hoops or just beauty, you have to check this online store. There aren’t much online gift stores in Pakistan that deal with such sophistication and create awesome embroidery hoops and I am glad that we have found her.  The owner goes by the name Rubab Amir and has a great eye for detail. Her hand-embroidered hoops can be used as wall hangings, gifts and also invites.

“I can transfer almost anything from 3d to the hoop” – Rubab Amir

Check out her Instagram to see these creative bundles of joy.

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Assalam u Alikum Made this engagement hoop for a client 🤩 Are you getting engaged? Or it's your best friends engagement😍 You can now gift them this hoop on their engagement day😁 Simply send me a DM 📩 to get this made for you. DELIVERYING NATIONWIDE 🇵🇰. . . . ©️ The DESIGN PATTERN belongs to @the_hoop_studio , you can't copy or sell the design. All rights reserved. . #pakistaniartists #pakistancreates #riseofthecreatives #damngoodstitch #stitchersofinstagram #embroideryinstaguild #art_viral #makersofpakistan #creativepakistan #creative_pakistan #lightroompk #iger_pakistan #pakistanlettering #pakistaniweddings #artschamber #pakistaniweddingseason #engagement #she saidyes #productphotography #thehoopstudio

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6.  Nadia Mandalas

Nadia is a design graduate from the American University of Sharjah, previously an event planner and now a full-time artist.  Her art of creating a perfect contrast of colours in her perfectly intricate designs is just goals for beginners at design. Nadia says drawing was her escape. An escape that turned into a full-time stopover after she was rushed with requests from friends.

 “What  I loved the most about these art peices was how much control I had over when to start and stop a drawing. I worked in little episodes throughout the day which eventually turned into all-nighters. Soon family and friends started to appreciate the art. Everyone around me encouraged me to sell my drawings after I gifted a few of them.” – Nadia Ikram

The most satisfying thing about these designs is the details that are put to work in every dot and dash.  The artist was previously working on a referral basis until she got married and moved to Pakistan. Getting to know the community here she started the exhibiting her work on Instagram under “nadiamandalas”. Isn’t it the most sophisticated piece you have ever come across?

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Fizza Ramiz mandala 💛

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Ok, hold your breath! You are just about to see the most startling display of paper art. This artist holds phenomenal talent and has just introduced the insta fam to some amazing possibilities of what can be done with paper alone. All of the art created by Aqsa Khalid, the sole owner of, is paper shaped into marvels.

“I rarely get to repeat any of my artwork since most of it is customised. I cater to individuals, event managers and corporate sector.” Aqsa Khalid

Her products are not limited to a certain type as for Aqsa; she can turn paper into anything. She started at a smaller level, but with a skill like this, she was soon acknowledged by the corporate sector and high-end brands. Check her profile and find out for yourself.

8. The Craft Purveyor

Mahrukh is an artist and entrepreneur in the making. The young talented girl is a BDS student and is here to make your special events even better by showering them with her handmade delicacies.

“I started this as a hobby 6 years back but publicized it 2 years ago as I realised a lot of people out there are looking for gift favours.”

There is a huge range of products sold by the shop starting from mini boxes, favour baskets/boxes, gift baskets, wedding favours, cards, frames, scrapbooks, mini albums, customized flower boxes, customized gift boxes etc. If you have a family event or a birthday coming and don’t know a unique way to make them perfect, you now have an answer!

9. One Earth Toys 

Protecting the environment is currently the biggest challenge faced by humans and One Earth Toys has it all sorted out. This extremely talented girl Farwa Tassauq has come up with the amazing idea to make and sell environment-friendly kids toys. She manufactures the toys made from natural materials such as wood. Also, the paints used in the making are either food colours or non-toxic acrylic which makes them safe for kids.

“Wood is renewable if it is resourced sustainably. Most of our toys are made from sustainably harvested wood or from the leftover wood so it is eco-friendly. Wood is also safe for kids compared to plastic toys.”- Farwa

She also wants to make toys more fun and learn so all of them are made open-ended enabling kids to play with them the way they want. What’s more? Farwa also gives workshop so kids can experience the joy of making their own toy rather than purchasing them from shelves.

In a few months, the business will also add new materials to make toys such as organic cotton and non-toxic leather.

10. Tanoli Calligraphy

This beautiful and aesthetic art display is owned by Arshad Tanoli, a Karachi based a self-taught artist who loves to paint. The art medium is oil paint and revives the famous Islamic calligraphy that is slowly vanishing away. Arshad started calligraphy as a hobby, but soon got many requests to sell the work. The art-work is available for worldwide delivery.

Customised hand-made arts and crafts are a way of adding a personal touch to gifts and are felt near to heart. These awesome online gift stores in Pakistan are easy to reach and are effortlessly making birthdays, weddings and special days more fun with beautifully crafted items. Check out their profiles and tell us what are you getting for your special one? One more thing….Start following them right now!




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