Tom And Jerry Director Passes Away At 95 (Best of Tom and Jerry Scenes)


2020 maintains its streak of being a bad year as Tom and Jerry director, Gene Deitch, passes away at the age of 95. 😭

Last Thursday was a sad day for the entertainment industry as legendary director and animator – Gene Deitch – died at his apartment in Prague. Gene’s Czech publisher, Petr Himmel, broke the news of the Oscar-winning icon to the media.

The publisher reported that the industry icon was at his home in Prague late night Thursday when he died “unexpectedly”. Aside from this, no further details or even cause of death has yet been revealed.

Accomplishments And Accolades

Eugene Merrill Deitch, professionally known as Gene Deitch, was a blessing for the entertainment industry, having major accomplishments in animation. He was widely popular for created animated series such as Munro, Tom Terrific, Nudnik, as well as childhood favorite, Popeye.

He was involved in creating more than 70 animated movies, as well as SEVEN television series throughout his career. Gene also worked as a created director for THIRTEEN Tom and Jerry shorts and several Popeye The Sailor episodes.

In 1958, Deitch’s film – Sidney’s Family Tree – was nominated for an Academy Award. His short film, Munro, then went on to win the Academy Award for “Best Animated Short Film” in 1960. Gene was nominated another two times for the same category in 1964 for “Here’s Nudnik” and “How to Avoid Friendship”.

Best Of Gene’s Tom And Jerry

All of the shorts directed by Gene were remastered and released as a collection in 2015. Titled “The Gene Deitch Collection”, the disc set comprises of all 13 gene-directed episodes along with 2 documentaries.

The collection features timeless classics such as “Mouse into Space”, “Tall in the Trap”, “Landing Stripling” and “High Steaks”. Even though all of these are great in their own right, our favorite from the bunch is definitely the heartwarming and absolutely hilarious feature i.e. “Buddies Thicker Than Water”.

This short captures the spirit of the show perfectly, portraying the friendship and love of the two characters for each other, while also showing the mischievous nature of both. Its a classic by Gene encompassing everything great about the series that must be experienced by every tom and jerry fan for themselves!


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