TikTok surpasses Facebook to be the second most downloaded app


ByteDance’s app ‘TikTok’ gains lots of popularity worldwide and became the second most downloaded app of 2019.

Although, Whatsapp still manages to grab the first position because it used as a main source of communication. TikTok dethroned Facebook first time in five years and made its position on the second spot of mobile apps. 

The popular app TikTok is a Chinese-owned social media app that has been making waves after just three years of its launch. TikTok still generates most of its revenue from China, despite the app’s rapid international expansion.

TikTok app launched in 2017, and from now it has been downloaded more than 1.5 billion times. This app is outperforming Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and many more. 

TechCrunch has reported that:

“Recently Instagram added a new feature called Reels which is a video tool that allows users to create a 15-second long video with music that can be easily uploaded on their stories”

TikTok is a go-to app for entertainment especially for youngsters, anyone out there with a Smartphone can use TikTok and showcase their talent and skills in under 60 seconds video. Many common people gain popularity from TikTok and became TikTok celebrity or TikTok stars.

In Pakistan, many young talents like Jannat Mirza, Areeqa Haq, Zulqarnain Sikandar, and Pinky Francis has been emerged and showcase their creativity through this app and earning money as well as popularity.

However, TikTok led to several scandals or controversies not in Pakistan but also in India. In Pakistan, PTI’s Fayyaz Ul Hassan and of PIA Air-Hostesses scandals are top of the list. In India, people use hashtags like #caa to express their political opinions during the ongoing protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act

Many people in Pakistan are opposing this app and sign petitions to ban this app after Hareem shah’s indecent videos. TikTok recently changed its policy to ban delinquent behavior by underage users.

TikTok faces many ups and downs but still manages to become an Internet sensation. People are still signing up for the app, thus keeping it at the top.



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