TikTok Star Minahil Malik Becomes The Latest Victim Of Leaked Videos

TikTok Star Minahil Malik Becomes The Latest Victim Of Leaked Videos


The realm of social media has opened up unimaginable possibilities for people around the world. Especially social media platforms like TikTok have enabled youth and the less privileged to showcase their talent and aspirations. But such mediums of fame and focus have also exposed a lot of people to reckless demons of the internet. With sharing of information becoming a more common practice with every passing day, one cannot expect to have his data secure at the hands of anyone. TikTok star Minahil Malik becomes the latest victim of leaked videos. With “Minahil Malik Tik Tok Viral Video” becoming the top trend in a matter of just a few hours, we can estimate the mental capacity of our sick nation.

Top Trend: “Minahil Malik Tik Tok Viral Video”

Minahil Malik is a famous TikTok star in Pakistan with a significant fan base. Allegedly, Minahil’s ex-boyfriend leaked some private imagery on open social media platforms. Since then, her videos and pictures have been going viral all over the web, circulating even on chatting applications like Whatsapp. Recently, Pakistani female TikTok stars have become a victim of leaking of private data and information which has destroyed mental health of many.

TikTok Star Minahil Malik Becomes The Latest Victim Of Leaked Videos.Minahil Malik dared to address the pressing situation herself and admitted that the content was indeed comprised of herself and she sincerely apologized to all her fans for the disturbing the incident. She also said that she had been taking anti-depressants as a consequence of the cyber-bullying she had been facing for the last couple of days. It is quite horrifying to imagine what she might be going through.

Sick And Pitiful Mentality

Pakistanis are always the first ones to create the top trending tags concerning over deteriorating mental health situation in the country as well as the alarmingly increasing rates of suicide attempts over the past few years thanks to social media. It all seems ironic, especially when we are the same people who empower and normalize killing someone’s peace of mind by invading one’s privacy. This country needs to stop taking others’ personal matters in its own hands and should promote minding one’s own business. The day we stop searching “Minahil Malik Tik Tok Viral Video” on Google, we will prosper.

TikTok Star Minahil Malik Becomes The Latest Victim Of Leaked Videos

We cannot comment on actions of Minahil Malik or any other victim because we are not the ones to punish the culprit. Being observers, we should render our civic duties and demoralize any efforts of vandalizing another person’s self-esteem and health.

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