After Minahil Malik, TikTok Star Jannat Mirza’s Leaked Pictures Go Viral


Now Reading: After Minahil Malik, TikTok Star Jannat Mirza’s Leaked Pictures Go Viral

Recently, there has been a spike in people, mainly TikTok stars, becoming victims of leaks. In the latest development of such a case, yet another TikTok star’s reputation is in jeopardy as her leaked private stuff has gone viral. This follows the online bullying faced by another TikTok star – Minahil Malik – due to a leaked video scandal she was involved in a couple days back. Now, the leaks come in the form of the TikTok star’s private pictures.

Jannat Mirza is one of the most popular TikTok stars, having around 7.4 million followers and more than 129.8 million likes on her official account. Earlier in the year, Mirza revealed that she will soon be making her Pakistani movie debut. On Friday, Jannat Mirza was also featured in a song released Bilal Saeed’s One Two Records sang by Sarmad Qadeer titled “Shayar”. That marked her first entrance in to the mainstream entertainment industry. The song garnered massive popularity, gaining over 50k views within the first hour of its release. It is still trending in the country and now stands at over 3 million views.

The TikTok Star’s Response To The Leaked Pictures

The star’s ‘leaked pictures’ quickly went viral on social media but she was as quick to respond to them as well. In an instagram story, Jannat Mirza opened up about the online bullying she has had to face over these leaked pictures. She lashed out at the people trying to ruin her image just as she took a step forward in her career.

She further revealed that all the leaks are fake and have been photoshopped to tarnish her reputation and character. The star further called out the jealous people who were behind these fake leaks. She inquired about the reason of the jealousy and asked her fans to support her through this time. Mirza also told people to respect the girl whose pictures were leaked as hers. Here’s what the star had to say;

“First they hacked my account before my song was released. After it was released, they banned my account. Now I have signed a movie, people have started posting my fake photos. Why are people so jealous of someone’s success? At least respect the girl whose pictures are being used as me. I request my followers to stand by my side so that we can fight against such jealousies.”


In another instagram story, she mentioned how this was done to her before in 2019 as well. She also warned to take action against people who try to pull this stunt again.


These are the fake leaked pictures in question;




This is truly a shameful trend of assassinating people’s characters that has started in Pakistan. Nobody knows if they are safe anymore. This dangerous trend puts the privacy of everyone in the country at risk. May Allah guide us all!


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