TikTok Star Fakes His Own Death for Publicity, Sparks Outrage


Now Reading: TikTok Star Fakes His Own Death for Publicity, Sparks Outrage

TikTok has had a history of being involved in a series of unfortunate events in Pakistan in recent times. From a teenage boy shooting himself dead while making a TikTok video to various stars having their private stuff leaked, there’s no denying that TikTokers have participated in or have been involved in life endangering stunts, most of the time, just for attention.  In this case, a TikTok star took it to the next level, faking his own death as a publicity stunt. But, to no one’s shock, this failed attempt at gaining followers backfired hard time.

Adil Rajput is a popular TikToker from Rahim Yar Khan, having over 2.5 million followers on the video sharing app. He was recently reported dead by his wife, Farah Adil, together with whom he made videos to upload on their TikTok account. “Adil is no longer with us,” she exclaimed to their followers with teary eyes in a video, weeping and crying, stating that she received a call informing her that her husband had died in a car accident.

As this video made rounds on social media and gained momentum, people started reacting to the news and sent their prayers to Adil’s family. Following this, local mosques in Adil’s residential area also announced made the announcement of the death. A large number of fans and locals gathered outside their house to offer their condolences for the death after watching the viral video on social media.

Just a “Misunderstanding”

Much to everyone’s surprise, when they came to condone Adil’s death, they found him very much alive. Upon getting to know this, people lost their temper. Labeling it as a ‘publicity stunt’, they demanded higher authorities to take legal action against Adil and his wife for exploiting and cashing on human emotions. A video of Adil with his head in bandages and a cast on his leg also surfaced later on. It displayed how the TikTok star was very much alive.

Left with no choice seeing the intense public outrage, Adil’s wife made another video, informing the followers that her husband has arrived home safe and sound and that his death was just a big ‘misunderstanding’ caused by the moment’s gravity. She added that the person who reported the death to her mistook him fainting as him dying. “Allah has granted another life to Adil (Rajput). Adnan called again and said that Adil had fainted, and he thought he had died,” she stated.



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Social Media Outraged over “Cheap Publicity Stunt”

This ‘publicity stunt’ sparked great outrage on social media. The general public and fans of the star alike went on to express their displeasure on this. “I swear I didn’t know about this man, but after his fake death news for publicity and fake fame, I realized that TikTokers are only junk,” wrote one user, showing his discontentment with this stunt. Similarly, one other user shared the same sentiments, writing;

“This way of getting fame is not at all appropriate. Don’t make fun of relations to become famous.”

Actor and host – Mishi Khan – also took to social media to say that she was taken aback by this mockery of death committed by the couple.

Others drew parallels to this incident following the same messed up pattern that this year has been following so far.

Whatever the intention of this ‘stunt’ was, it was truly a shameful thing to do. Whether it was, like reiterated multiple times by Adil’s wife, actually a misunderstanding or just a cheap publicity stunt like it is seeming now, authorities should look into the matter and take action if it is the latter.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below whether you think it was a misunderstanding or a publicity stunt!


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