Three-year-old Hareem Fatima was raped and murdered in KPK

Three-year-old Hareem Fatima was raped and murdered in KPK


 A three years old girl has been found murdered after being raped in the Kohat district of northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

What Happened?

Hareem Fatima went missing on Wednesday and a day later, her body was found near a drain outside the Khattak Colony (her residence). According to the police, her father complained, stating that Hareem went out of the house to play with other children but unfortunately did not return.

Her family, locals, and the police searched for her through the night. The next day, her body was found near a drain outside her colony. After recovering her dead body, police sent it for autopsy which confirmed that she had been sexually assaulted before being murdered.

Little Hareem lived with her grandparents in Karak. The killer strangled her after the rape and threw her into a ditch. 

When the body of three-year-old Hareem was found, the father was exhausted with grief and the people of the whole area became enraged. The father took the body of the little harem in his lap and sat on the road.

When the body reached Karak, the whole area came out for the funeral. People were outraged at the brutal killing of Hareem. There was also a heartbreaking atmosphere at the harem funeral.

FIR and Police Investigation

A First Information Report has been registered against unidentified individuals and further investigation is underway to ascertain the truth. 13 suspects have been taken into custody as of now and their samples sent for DNA testing.

DIG Kohat visited the crime scene as investigators collected evidence to examine it forensically. A post-mortem report into the incident revealed that the minor girl was strangulated.

The IG KP while taking notice of the incident directed the concerned officials to expedite the probe and arrest the culprits involved in it as soon as possible.

The Kohat police spokesman said that they have launched the probe and investigating it from all angles. “We have included some female relatives of Hareem Fatima in the inquiry process,” he said while hoping that they would soon arrest the culprits involved in the heinous act.

Despite protests from parents and locals, police have so far failed to arrest the culprits.

Public demands for Justice

The murder of Hareem Fatima caused widespread panic in the area. Reports suggest that the locals of the area said the child was found alive by the family but later died due to lack of facilities at the local hospital. However, we still wait for confirmation of this news.

The heinous incident has sparked an outpour of rage and grief on social media. #JusticeForHareem is trending on Twitter.

It is high time for all of us to take a break and think about where we are heading as a society and put a stop to these heinous acts.

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