75% of workers don't want to return to the office full-time

Three-quarter of the UK employees don’t want to return to the office full-time


Nevertheless, Pandemic transforms the work ways from a full-time office to work from home. 75% of the employees now prefer to work from home rather than a full-time office-based job.

After easing in lockdown globally, many UK offices are opening but guess what? Employees refuse to come back and it seems that work from home is a new normal for them.

A survey conducted by the access-management company Okta among 6,000 office workers across Europe. The results are quite surprising as only one in four UK workers is keen to go back to the workplace on a 9 am to 5 pm basis.

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Why work from home is preferable?

One of the key elements for working from is Job satisfaction. Most of the employees found it relaxing and productive. It is noteworthy that 62% of respondents found the increased flexibility having helped improve work focus. Likewise, 55% said that their productivity is high due to additional free time. Moreover, 44% think that they face less distraction at home.

However, many employees are facing technical difficulties. According to the reports, 24% of employees are having difficulties with the software and other technical instruments. But all in all most of them still don’t want five days a week job.

Besides technical issues, some of the employees are missing their day to day conversations at the office with their colleagues. Others miss the facilities given by the office like free food, snacks, and fitness classes.

Some more stats

According to the survey reports, Most of the public sector employees feel more relaxed while working from home. Further, the respondents said they are even comfortable with working 20% longer working hours than the office.

Also, they said they are getting more comfortable with technology and virtual meetings are seems fine to them now.

 Jesper Frederiksen, VP & GM of EMEA at Okta said

“The idea of a shifted security perimeter is now everyone’s reality. Many organizations were forced to quickly spin up remote work environments and security tools to enable business continuity during this time. And while we’ve seen a lot of rapid success, for many this short-term firefighting approach isn’t sustainable.”


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