This Pakistani American Doctor Gets an "Unsung Hero Parade" by Public and Police (Watch Video)

This Pakistani American Doctor Gets an “Unsung Hero Parade” by Public and Police (Watch Video)


Pakistan has had its fair share of producing people that have served the world with their sheer amounts of talent and wisdom. These people have contributed in fields of human health, politics, global infrastructure and development of human standards for decades. And today, Pakistan is once again proud of one of its bright minds – Dr. Saud Anwar.

Dr. Saud Anwar – A Marvel of Human Ingenuity

Dr. Saud Anwar is the type of person who refuses to stick around to one certain field for the rest of his life – working in a cubicle while serving no good. This man is first and foremost a doctor, a politician AND a senator who works incessantly to bring good in all fields of his life. A resident of Connecticut, Dr. Saud Anwar is a pulmonologist and has come up with an innovative solution to a very critical problem that has grasped global attention.

His Invention

Graduated from Agha Khan University, Karachi in 1991, Dr. Saud has come up with an innovative solution to the problem of shortage of ventilators globally. He has invented an airway adapter through 3D printing that allows a ventilator to ventilate about 7 patients simultaneously. This means that by his single little device, a single ventilator can me made available for 7 highly critical patients who need external aid in their respiratory exercise.

This Pakistani American Doctor Gets an "Unsung Hero Parade" by Public and Police (Watch Video)
Airway Adapter Invented By Dr. Saud Anwar

The man himself published a video online explaining how the new method works and demonstrated the entire scope of his development. In addition, he has published the 3D printable design online that can easily be downloaded from anywhere around the globe. And to his expectations, an enthusiastic response has been recorded with a 1000 downloads within a few hours.

This Pakistani American Doctor Gets an "Unsung Hero Parade" by Public and Police (Watch Video)

Unsung Hero – Community Recognition

The people of the United States of America highly commended the efforts of this hero who is struggling to save as many lives as he can. The community he lives in recognized his efforts and arranged a parade in front of his house in which police officials and general public did the pass-by in front of his house – holding banners that thanked him. The doctor himself was present at the moment and received the honor with dignity and grace.

One banner even said “Thank you for your heroism.” Dr. Saud is of the view that he is not a politician who is also rendering his services as a doctor, but the other way round.

The Vision

Dr. Saud Anwar has said that he hopes that his design proves beneficial and actually helps someone in need around the planet. He has also told the world that he is trying at different platforms to teach people strategies on how to manage this pandemic.

This Pakistani American Doctor Gets an "Unsung Hero Parade" by Public and Police (Watch Video)

He also said that if the pandemic is being treated as war, we must be considerate enough to treat our healthcare workers, doctors, nurses and OTs as front-line soldiers who are extremely critical to the defense of humanity. Complying to this assumption, they must be given suitable and adequate protective equipment in the coming days so that the world does not have to see the saviors dying.

Pakistan has once again witnessed a bright moment in its existence where one great mind has attempted to change the world scenario altogether.


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