This Local Airline Transported Passengers by Road Instead of Air Travel!


Now Reading: This Local Airline Transported Passengers by Road Instead of Air Travel!

Imagine waking up early in the morning and getting ready for a flight that ends up getting delayed, you would be annoyed for sure. But it isn’t really THAT big of a deal as its Pakistan and things like this are quite common here, right? Well, now try visualizing your reaction if that flight ends up getting cancelled all together and you, who had prepared to travel comfortably by flight, is forced to  travel by a local bus!

All this seems like a far-fetched and made up scenario that no one will ever go through, doesn’t it? Well, in our land of ‘Jugaar’, this impossible situation came to life when passengers travelling from Peshawar to Islamabad were told by the low-cost airline they were travelling with that their due flight will not be happening just because the number of passengers is not enough to be flown by plane and are instead going to travel by bus.

A Baffling Tale

The name of this flight is none other than Serene Air, which has received quite a bit of backlash after this absolutely mind boggling tale. As per reports, the flight was first supposed to take off from the Bacha Khan International Airport by 4 pm (Thursday) but the airline moved it to 10 am (Friday) in the morning. However, this wasn’t the end of it as the airline later decided to delay the flight again to 12 pm.


In the end, when the passengers’ hopes were high as the time for the plane to fly had finally come, the airline cancelled the flight, telling that that the number of passengers is too less for the flight. They ‘cannot’ fly an airbus for just 65 passengers. Sounds baffling, we know, but that’s what happened.

To add to the ridiculous nature of this more, the airline decided to come up with a ‘lite economy class’ flight on the spot by shifting the transportation of the passengers from the Serene Airline plane to a bus in order to reach their target destination. Ah, Pakistani ‘jugaar’ surely at its absolute best! Anyways, this wasn’t even an airport shuttle bus but a standard local bus.

Apparently, a mouse on the plane is believed to be the reason for the cancellation of the flight but that makes as much sense as the airline’s told reason. The incident was recorded by a passenger which you can see yourself here.


How did it come to this?

Being a victim of flight cancelation is definitely one of the most frustrating things one can deal with. Top it off with the ‘brilliant’ problem-solving skills demonstrated by our local airline, this recent incident is one that is going to go down in the books as one of its kind.

However, the more important thing to note here is how the airline could just cancel the flight out of nowhere at its discretion, especially when there was no mechanical or weather-related issue. And about the number of passengers, well, it would presumably be already known beforehand and the plane was scheduled to fly to Islamabad. Such things only happen in Pakistan!

Well shocker, accountability is a must have as before this incident, just last month, the same airline’s plane had to make an emergency landing at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, minutes after it left for Islamabad because of an engine failure technical fault, fortunately escaping a mishap. Moreover, as per the investigation conducted about fake pilot licenses earlier in the year, Serene Air also had around 10 pilots with falsified credentials.

If things are left unchecked for so long, is it really a surprise that things came to this?


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