This Parrot May Get Deported to Pakistan for Insulting Indian Prime Minister Modi!


Now Reading: This Indian Parrot May Get Deported to Pakistan for Insulting PM Modi

After India seemingly caught ‘trained locusts’ and a ‘spy pigeon’ sent from Pakistan to sabotage it, it looks like Pakistan has done it yet again, for a parrot may be getting deported to it after PM Modi got insulted by the bird. That’s right, a parrot’s reaction to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has left many intellectual Indians wondering if this is yet another ‘ploy’ from Pakistan!

Very recently, a parrot’s reaction to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi approaching it has left the internet rolling. From the footage, it looks like the bird was very well aware of Modi’s nature and didn’t want anything to do with the Indian PM.

The story began when PM Modi was inaugurating an aviary during his two-day visit to the state of Gujarat. An aviary is basically an indoor safari but for bird watchers and it lets people get up close and personal with strange exotic birds.

When Modi got there for the Aviary’s inauguration, the park staff tried to make a Macaw sit on Prime Minister Modi’s arm. What happened next came as a big shocker to them. This fine-feathered fella just straight up not only ignored the PM but also refused to get anywhere near him! Guess the saying that animals are good judges of characters is true after all.

Internet in a Fit

After denying to go on to Prime Minister Modi’s arm, the bird could be seen walking away from Modi’s arm up to one of the park staff member’s shoulder. This means that someone else had to intervene to ensure that the important photo op wasn’t ruined for them. Though, Modi’s body language told that it was already too late and he was actually angry at the poor bird!

Though, he did manage to get one good picture in despite this conundrum.

But of course, the real fun just started as soon as the video of the pre-shoot hit the internet, it was left in fits seeing the bird being such a good judge of character and the hilarious nature of it all!

Ajmal Jami joined in on it as well. The anchorperson declared that birds have perfect natural faith and that they don’t lie.

Others thought that the behavior displayed by the parrot actually showed that its a very intelligent bird.

“A Pakistani Spy”

The netizens joked on the parrot being a Pakistani spy and commented on how ISI is sending parrots after pigeons to India, parodying previous coverages from India Media.

The twitter users also noticed how seemingly angry the PM got over the bird.

On this, some others expressed concerns over the birds’ well being too. Just like these people, we also hope that the poor parrot doesn’t get lynched for this ‘act of defiance’.

After this fiasco though, if India decides on deporting this parrot to Pakistan for its defiant behavior, we will surely welcome it with open arms as it is definitely wise for not being an owl!

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below if you think Pakistan should grant honorary citizen ship to this smart bird!


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