This Hafiz Madrassa Taught Student Broke ALL Stereotypes

This Hafiz Madrassa Taught Student Broke ALL Stereotypes


News Today: This Hafiz Madrassa Taught Student Broke ALL Stereotypes

This year has brought great uncertainty and chaos with it and a good news like this feels like a brunt of fresh air. Maaz-ur-Rehman is a hafiz of the Holy Quran and has received all his basic education from a madrassa. However, this hafiz madrassa taught student broke all stereotypes and has forced people to change perception towards the hafiz students who study in madrassa and are considered backward in their knowledge and everyday dealings. Maaz-ur-Rehman cleared his CSS exam with flying colors and stood 6th in KPK and will soon be serving as ASP. A true story of glory.

Road To Success

Maaz-ur-Rehman in an interview with HUM TV talked about his road to success and did not fail to mention the problems he had to face in the view. This gentleman belongs to a financially humble background because his father is an Imam of a mosque. Working his way on the same lines, Maaz also got admitted in a madrassa and became a Hafiz-e-Quran from there. After receiving 16 years of education from the same madrassa he received his Masters in Arabic. He also lived up to his father’s expectations and became an Imam.

However, becoming an Imam and specializing in religious studies did not refrain him from dreaming the top. He pursued Civil Service and started taking his exams. Maaz had to meet with failure for 2 times consistently in his pursuit of clearing his CSS. He also had to face sorts of discrimination because of his apparel and the way he looked like an Imam. Maaz-ur-Rehman was also going through a financial crisis. Still, his determination and resolute will power made him try again and again. And here he is, with 6th position in the KPK province. He will soon be rendering his services as an Assistant Superintendent.

Maaz-ur-Rehman’s Request

Students belonging to a madrassa are often portrayed as problematic because of their lack of exposure. However, this example in front of us tells us that there is absolutely no problem in receiving education from a madrassa. The only thing that matters is that one should be able to dream and should be ready to give his everything in his pursuit.

Maaz states that madrassas are in fact beautiful places for grooming of an individual and people should now come out of their typical mentality of considering these places as outdated and not great for children. Not all fingers are the same. He believes that if madrassas are facilitated by the government and are helped with digitization, a day will come when they will surpass modern private institutions because those money hoarders do not focus on character development, unlike madrassas.

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