This $600 Million IT Company in Islamabad took extreme coronavirus measures leaving employees shocked


Get Fired or Cut 30 to 40% Salary during the Coronavirus Pandemic: These were the two options given by a 600 million dollar IT company to its employees in Islamabad office.

During these hard times where companies are compensating their employees to work from home and finding solutions to prioritize health, this software house which is a subsidy of a multinational company decided to lay off 50 employees during the coronavirus pandemic. As horrible as it sounds, the company has a history of mass firing employees to save profits.

Anyhow, as the situations are getting worse, being unemployed at this tough hour for sole bread earners was a nightmare and that’s how all employees mutually agreed to get 30% of their pay cut while management gets a 40% pay cut.

The company is still calling all of its employees to the office without any relaxation and any sick leaves are unpaid. Further, the sandwich holiday rule applies to the sick which means someone carrying the coronavirus symptoms is bound to come to the office in order to feed his/her family. These extremely strict measures put over 250 employees at risk of CONVID-19.

Many who think this type of behaviour from the management is a ‘sacrifice’ that the company demands, I would like to pose a question.


“Did the company pay more salaries when the dollar price hiked?”

“Did the company pay bonuses when Christmas Day sales went up like anything?”

It is ridiculous to think that such a high worth US-based company won’t even have a 2-month back-up to not suck its employees in such a difficult hour. Times like these prove how much your employers care about us and our company has proven that it never deserved our ownership and loyalties.

On top of all, the CEO claims to support small business in the US during the coronavirus pandemic. This being said, charity begins at home, and cutting off almost half of the livelihood from already underpaid employees is the last thing a company owner should do to support other businesses.

Unfortunately, Pakistan lacks the employment opportunities and labour laws that some strong economically stable countries have, which forces people to take up opportunities at such companies, but in tough times true colours of greedy employers make us choose better in future – If there is any.

I wish to remain anonymous and won’t mention the company’s name. The purpose of this article is to aware people that this doesn’t happen in good companies and it isn’t the way companies calling themselves ‘multinational’ should behave. Last but not the least, we can only ‘climb with you’ if we are not pushed down every time by the harsh and inhumane decisions of management. 


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  1. It’s Broadpeak technologies. They fired 11 people last year on one day notice and ended their operations in Lahore. I know the CEO of this company. He is a Pakistani American and thinks Pakistanis are worthless to be mistreated.

  2. I know one of the company in Islamabad who does this and that is ‘Broad Peak’.

    During these hard times, company should support employees by giving them benefits like remote work or paid leaves rather than firing their employees.

    Strict action against companies like broad peak shall be taken.

  3. person can stay anonymous but should tell the company name, so people trying to find jobs jn future can be aware of this action and take decision accordingly

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  4. No need to share if you prefer to hide “company” name. You can hide ur identity but do share the identity of that ridiculous company. There are chances that after reading that article company management starts reversing their inhumane behaviour.

  5. I saw people mentioning “broadpeak” as company name. I opened their website and within first glance at homepage i confirmed that infact it is BroadPeak because the author has given clever hints such as subsidy to $600mil company and phrases like “climb with us”. So indeed its broadpeak. Having said that the world is going towards recession and businesses are closing. The sacrifices has to made whether we like it or not. No one knows if situation will improve in 2 months or 12 months. We all need to get prepared for whats coming. Developed economies are paying huge cheques to small /medium businesses to keep paying their employees. Our country and other poor countries with third class medical infrastructure cannot afford to do this. Keeping employees for a long run with 30% pay cut is a good deal in times like this.

  6. It’s easy to blame employers and companies in such circumstances. If it was a genuine complaint Writer should have included company balance sheet, current assets, cash in bank, monthly outgoings/expenses, drop in revenue due to coronavirus.

    I run an IT company myself and know the fact that no companies will ever lay off an employee if they have cash. Layoffs save companies and jobs in most of the cases.

  7. This happened not only in Isalamabad but also in karachi as well. My software company has also fired many of his employees including me due to global Corona virus situation. In the current scenario where people needs to stand together and show humanity, the CEO has made us jobless. Though I have served years to this company and my fellow colleagues have years of experience still no mercy. Just praying to Allah to help us get on jobs again.

  8. Such company should be banned from. Operating in pakistan by concerned authorities, in violation of labor, business n corporate laws. Now we should req authorities to take action against such coy n its mgmt.

  9. Ridiculous act by this company. Such companies never share their profits among employees but expect sacrifice from them during hardships.

  10. Worst Company in islamabad, That is BROADPEAK. Who forced employees to work in this difficult time. Harassment and inhuman behavior of managers made life of employees like hell. Shame on them to be called as multinational who treats countrymen worthless to be mistreated,

  11. Publisher wants to be anonymous, he can be. But he should’ve given the company name so people should have this in mind when looking for the job.

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