These Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Sabswari wedding memes are lit


So the news is out! Sadaf Kanwal is now Sadaf Sabswari. 6 months after being accused for divorce between Syra Yousaf and Shahroz Sabswari, the allegedly ‘together’ couple tied a knot today. The news broke out when Sadaf Kanwal changed her last name on Instagram to Sabswari and later shared a Nikkah picture with Shahroz and his parents captioned ‘Complete’.

Though the comments were closed on the post, it didn’t stop Pakistanis to create Sadaf Kanwal memes and sharing their thoughts on social media.

Pakistanis who were already enraged by the divorce news of Syra and Shahroz, couldn’t take the news very well. While most of them started abusing Sadaf for being a homewrecker, the meme lords took advantage of the situation and roasted the couple for their previous statements of just being ‘friends’ and Shahroz calling Sadaf like her ‘Sister’.

Some started comparing Sadaf Kanwal’s wedding to Uzma Khan scandal


#Mehran started trending on Twitter soon after the news broke out along with #Trash implying cheating of Shahroz Sabswari on his gem wife Syra Yousaf.

People already angry on 2020 not going there way have related the year with Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Sabzwari’s couple.

And it got too far.

Some are holding Shahroz accountable for his video saying Sadaf Kanwal is just like his sister. (watch video)

Others are calling Shahroz for leaving a gem for Sadaf.

There is a debate going around on what is right and what is wrong however, we shipped ‘Sairoz’ a bit too much to get over their breakup and learning that Syra Yousuf got cheated on. Nevertheless, as the deed is done, its best to just move on like Syra did and wish best of lunch to the new couple.


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