These multistory parking plazas in Islamabad will be game changers


Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) board in a meeting held on Thursday agreed on building six multi-storey parking plazas in major commercialized zones of Islamabad. These much needed parking plazas in islamabad will have a parking capacity of 3500 vehicles.

The step is a much needed one considering the cities increasing population, business centers and lack of parking spaces.


The CDA board has reportedly planned on constructing six parking plazas – three in Blue Area, one in F-8 and two in F-10 Markaz.  The project will be initiated June-July this year and further enhancement of zones is under consideration.

The working class of the city often has to park cars way far than the office areas and walk in the scrotching heat to their work places. Furthermore these roadside parkings are not safe. The plan could add ease to the people’s daily life and add to the living standard of the city.

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