The US Afghan peace deal to bring a bright future for all


Earlier in 2001, the US government  attacked Afghanistan when its priority was to seize the activities of the Islamic terrorist organization, the Taliban. But after almost around two decades  the US government placed a a peace agreement with the terrorist force. Since the United States began negotiations with the Taliban to reach a “peace” agreement in January and withdrew from Afghanistan, the details of the Afghan people’s transactions have been unclear. after the time span of seven months of the negotiation and nine colloquiums still they didn’t reach at a cessation.

On Monday, according to social media networks of many credible channels, there was a deal to be finalized between the both of them. Afghanis are anxious to know what decisions they have made for the future, they have no choice but to update on their social media. according to the latest development,there is only one focus to perform such actions that lead to a situation of fear in the country.The US Special Envoy for Peace, Zalmai Khalilzad, talked extensively about negotiations in many dialogues claiming them to be good dialogues but still much has not been revealed about the deals carried out in secrecy.

In proposing that he believes that the Taliban will maintain the termination of the agreement, the Trump administration responded to “trust, but to verify”, which should include safeguards against terrorism and a complete ceasefire. For Afghans who suffer from daily killings and oppressive wars, this is largely done by the Taliban. In the first few months of this year, nearly 4,000 civilians were killed in Afghanistan leading to a 27% increase of a more war like situation. But in recent weeks, the Taliban attacks have continued to increase. The so-called “peace negotiations” are further fueling violence, and the Taliban use force to maintain their negotiating position.

After taking all the steps to take over the Taliban by the US Government, they reached a point where they realized that war is not the solution for anything.Ending up on a peace agreement still the US Government could not gain the trust of Taliban because of the previous activities they have been carrying out since the last 18 years in Afghanistan. The Afghanis are expecting a deal that will settle down issues between the Taliban and US Government and bring a bright future for their country.

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