The Simpsons Predicted Corona Virus Outbreak

The Simpsons Predicted Corona Virus Outbreak


The Simpsons is a famous animated serial show that was first aired in 1989. It has sparked a global interest because of some of its extraordinary predictions. Extraordinary in the sense that they have proven to be accurate and true to the soul. The Simpsons show in its 31 seasons of animated cartoons has let the world have an insight to drastic events before hand. Not to mention, The Simpsons predicted Corona virus outbreak.



These may be confusing times for many people of what to think about this. But many exotic theorists do not need to think much. This exotic community likes to believe that The Simpsons is not your regular TV show, but a rather greater project, or a member of one. The community links The Simpsons as a member of the Illuminati.

The Simpsons Predicted Corona Virus Outbreak
Illuminati Symbol, Eye in Triangle 

For the people who do not have suffice knowledge about the Illuminati, it is actually a hypothetical group of the world’s most powerful men and women in every aspect who work beyond the bounds of governments and give the fate of the world its real direction. And the governments are just a facade set by this group to distract the public.


So is there something bigger going on?

The seminal animation has previously been found to “predict” many other world events with bizarre specificity or should we say, accuracy. From the election of President Donald Trump, to the invention of smart watches, and the football World Cup results. And people now believe that they have found another: in the fourth season Simpsons episode “Marge in Chains”, when a news report announces fears of the “Osaka Flu”.

On interrogating one of the original writers of this show, he answered that the future can be forecast better than one might think. This was Al Jean, one of the show’s original writers and its show-runner since 1998. Episodes of “The Simpsons” air an year after they are produced, he said, so “it is just a sort of frame of mind that we have got that we think one year ahead.”

The Simpsons Predicted Corona Virus Outbreak
Al-Jean During His Interview

“I predict people will make too much of our great predictions,” he joked.


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