The Future Of Entertainment in Pakistan Is Bright!


With more and more TV shows, movies and other media being developed day by day, it almost feels like it can’t get any better. BUT it is actually just the beginning. There’s a whole world of stuff out there to be explored.

Recently, Cinepax cinemas put out a poll on their social media for the people to decide whether they wanted to see a movie or not. The poll ended with over 16 thousand votes and the majority of the people wanting to see it.

Are you interested in watching Weathering With You at Cinepax Cinemas?

Posted by Cinepax Cinemas on Tuesday, February 11, 2020

This movie originates from Japan and represents a big part of their culture i.e. “Anime”. While many people in Pakistan are aware of it, most aren’t. This movie can serve as a gateway to raising awareness about this side of foreign media.

Anime, or in a far wider term, animation, acts as a vessel for some of the most sophisticated storytelling out there. Pakistan has tried to make its efforts in this department with movies such as 3 Bahadur, Donkey Raja and such but the most recent one, inspired by “Anime” is “The Glassworker” by Mano Animation Studios.

Of course, Pakistan is just now taking some steps towards it. Meanwhile, foreign countries, mainly Japan, has mastered the craft and has become capable of creating animation that belongs to all genres and can appeal to all ages. Not only that, it aims to make its animation as visually striking as it can get as evident by this:

With Pakistan finally expanding its horizons towards this side of foreign media, the future for entertainment is looking brighter than ever. Not only can this open a whole new world of imaginative form of entertainment for the Pakistanis, it can also lead to Pakistan improving in this field. Hopefully, in the coming years, Pakistan can also advance much further in this field, learning from the other countries and wishfully improving upon them to deliver the best quality of entertainment Pakistan has ever had.

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