Thailand makes a drug to treat Corona virus in 48 hours- Initial tests sucessful


A drug made and tested in Thailand for Coronavirus patients. Highly encouraging results are coming out of this drug. It is tested on the patients who are undergoing treatment of the Coronavirus in Thailand.

BBC reported that

“The drug is manufactured by combining the drugs used in HIV and Influenza Disease.”

This new drug was tested for the treatment of people affected by the Coronavirus, and within 48 hours, very encouraging results were obtained. The new drug is being used in Bangkok’s hospitalized patients.

Rajuvati Hospital doctors said,

“The new method has been applied to other patients of Coronavirus including the Old Chinese lady who belongs to Wuhan.”

Doctors have confirmed that the patients are getting better within ten days of the drug tested on them. However, only 48 hours after the use of this medicine, they did not find the Coronavirus. They say that this method is seemingly effective, but it needs further research.

There are reports from China that Chinese doctors are also using a combination of drugs of HIV and Influenza.  Currently, this combination is working well on patients and improving their conditions.

Sources have affirmed that “In Thailand, there were 19 patients of Coronavirus and 8 of them have been discharged from the hospital and 11 are still undergoing treatment”. Initially only the most severely affected people are using this medicine.

Meanwhile, the devastation of the Coronavirus continues. Outside China, one has died. Philippine authorities have confirmed the death due to this deadly virus.

The highest number of fatalities in China occurred in the province of Hebei. The total number of deaths from the virus has reached 304 while more than 15,000 people are affected.

Australia, the US, Japan, Russia, and Italy have banned those coming from China. So far 24 countries around the world have been infected with the deadly virus.

USA and Australia say all foreigners who have visited China in recent times will also be banned from coming to the country. The Coronavirus outbreak began in December in the Chinese city of Wuhan, after the World Health Organization declared a health emergency.

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