tezgam train incident

Tezgam Incident- What really happened?


Tezgam Incident, Rahimyar Khan: Early today, an unfortunate train ‘Tezgam’ heading from Karachi to Islamabad caught fire that spread to 3 compartments killing 70+ people. Reportedly, the fire was ignited by the gas cylinder bought in by one of the passengers who tried to make tea in the train. However, the statement stands very shabby given the fact that someone slipped a prohibited and highly inflammable cylinder through security and also, the eyewitnesses heard no particular explosion that traces to cannister blast.

74 people have lost their lives and until now the Railway Ministry has managed to put the blame on the victims. There are some possible scenarios other than the cylinder blast claimed by the ministery coming out of the horrific incident and all point back to the faulty Railway Minsitery.

What is terrible is that in this hour of distress the Railway Minister has given a very feeble apology after bragging about the increase of passengers in trains during his tenure.

Eyewitnesses are claiming that the incident is the result of a short circuit that caused the Tezgam incident today while the government is emphasising that the Tableeghi Jamaat passengers unlawfully brought the cylinders to the train causing a loss of more than 70 lives.

The whole country is grieving and even the die-hard supporters of the government are calling the Teezgam incident an ‘avoidable tragedy’. The question is if the passengers are bringing in unprohibited materials to the train risking their lives and of fellow passengers, isn’t it the responsibility of the Railway to check that? And the bigger question is, while the fire broke out why weren’t there any immediate emergency fire extinguishers and hazard precautions taken? The train kept on moving forcing the passengers to jump out of a speeding train.

The Tezgam train incident is a series of horrors and most importantly a big lesson and setback for the whole government that has previously talked about sacking Ministers and severe punishments for a massive failure.

Whats even shocking is that 74 train incidents have occurred Sheikh Rasheed’s watch under the past 11 months, teezgam incident today being the deadliest. Should the Minister resign immediately at least for the inquiry period? Your thoughts in the comments below.

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