Taj Mahal after Babri Masjid- What’s next?


Indian MP Vinay Katiyar from the ruling Party (BJP) has asserted that Taj Mahal, Agra should be demolished to create a Hindu Temple in the place.

Taj Mahal is a Hindu temple and it should be renamed as ‘Tejomahalay’.

Katiyar justified his objectives by stating that Taj Mehal was captured by Mughal King Shah Jahan and later was used for his beloved wife’s tomb. Further, he added that Taj Mehal is a temple because its structure is like a temple. This is not the first time Vinay spoke on this topic. In 2017, he claimed Taj Mehal as Shiv temple but recently he asked the government to change the name as well as the identity of the Taj Mehal.

Vinay’s question on the existence of Taj Mehal seems to be insignificant and humorous because of no such facts.

Archaeological Survey of India told a court that the mausoleum was built by Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor, for his wife and the claims that the Taj Mahal was a Shiva temple ‘Tejomahalay’ are imaginary.

Indians are furious about the statement as they hold the architectural wonder close to their hearts/ Most of the art lovers are in shock at this ridiculous suggestion as Taj Mahal is a symbol of India just as Eiffel tower is a symbol of Paris and no one dares to take this identity away. Also,  Taj Mahal is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983 as the marvel of creation is an unbeaten work of art that gives India attracts over 6M+ visitors to the country each year. 

The immoderate claim by Vinay has angered a bulk of audiences on social media and they are treating his claim with sarcasm.

Twitter was flooding with ridicule and anger over the matter as soon as the statements went public.


“Anyone who calls the Taj Mahal a ‘blot on Indian culture’ has very clearly lost the plot”, tweeted journalist Vikram Chandra to his 2.8 million Twitter followers.

This Taj Mehal controversy is considered as a chain of demolishing Muslim’s fane from all over India. Many Politicians also show their reviews regarding this controversy.

It is very sad to see why the ownership of Taj Mehal is in question in the first place as the masterpiece gives India an identity of being home to fine architecture. Many are comparing this Hindu Supremacy BJP government’s agenda to Imran Khan’s peace for minorities in opening the  Kartarpur Corridor; condemning the first one.

The controversial step of Taj Mahal destruction, if taken, will harm the social machinery of the country other than incurring a huge loss to the whole world.

What are your thoughts on the demolition of Taj Mahal?


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