Taher Shah is back with ‘First Look’ – A new release of 2020


No wonder 2020 is a melodious year. First, we get through with Hareem Shah’s ‘Nakhray baaz…O Yeah!’ Now Taher Shah holds the torch and recently he tweeted about his new song ‘First Look’.



In December 2019, Taher Shah started dropping some hints about his new release by saying something is “coming soon”. Apparently, he wanna create some kind of hype about “First Look”.



Recently he tweeted with the name of its new release with a picture of heart-shaped flowers. According to this tweet “First Look” have to be released on 14 Feb but not released yet.


Taher Shah got an award for his song “Angel” at Apex Awards USA 2017. His song acclaimed internationally. He shared this news on his Twitter account.



Taher Shah got his fame from his song Angel and many singers like Ali Zaffar sung this song later on and appreciate the lyrics. Not only in Pakistan but Taher shah able to grab the attention of people of other countries and have a huge fan following out there.


While it seems that we are waiting for his new release desperately but that’s not true. We are actually waiting for that bundle of funny memes we got after the news of his release.



Social media is full of the opinions and reactions of the people about Taher’s new release.





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