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Taher Shah Finally Releases New Song “Farishta”


Taher Shah finally releases new song “Farishta” and the comeback song is totally on brand!

After blessing everyone with his previous songs i.e. “Eye to Eye” and “Mankind’s Angel”, Taher Shah is back yet again to share his extraordinary talents with everyone.

After his previous track i.e. Angel went viral, it seems that Taher Shah decided to take A LOT inspiration from it and make Farishta, also meaning angel. As the early promotions of twitter suggested, the song shows an “angel” who is the very definition of PERFECTION. Flying unicorns, mermaids, gates of heaven and what not, this song features a lot of “unique” things. Hard to believe, yes, but its true. See it for yourself:

Trending On Twitter

After eye to eye and angel went viral, Taher Shah’s latest masterpiece has also went viral. It has been constantly trending on twitter in Pakistan and even after several hours of the song’s release, it hasn’t stopped.

People were, of course, very quick to meme the song. One can even call “Fairshta” the meme song at this point!

A twitter user made a very good suggestion keeping in focus the song. The user suggested that the government should play Taher Shah’s new song in the streets, people are bound to stay in their homes that way! 😂

On the other hand, another one poked fun at how actual angels would respond listening to the song.

Someone even tweeted about liking the song all the while acknowledging that the lockdown might be messing with him. Somebody please help him!

People were also quick to notice that the long-awaited song might as well be an urdu-translated version of the singer’s previous song Angel! It makes sense too since Farishta is the literal meaning of Angel.

The memes would not be complete without the comparison of the song to the virus now, would they? The virus got NOTHING on Farishta!

One big positive thing to come out of this song is doubtlessly the comment section, it would make your day!

Taher Shah

If you want some healing after you treated yourself by listening to the song, go ahead and just peep some memes on it. Not saying it would make up for the suffering, but it would at least help! 🤣


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