Swedish People Are Getting Microchips Under Their Skin

Swedish People Are Getting Microchips Under Their Skin


Technology is probably the only asset of mankind going through continuous and gigantic advancement with every passing day. The greatest achievement of modern day man in technology is the advent of nanotechnology and the ability to manufacture extremely complex circuitry which is not even visible to the naked eye. This technology is the very reason you are reading this article on a handy device from the comfort of your home. However, things are starting to appear like science fiction is coming to life. Can you imagine a seemingly tiny and harmless chip capable to perform computational functions under your skin? Well, Swedish people certainly can. Swedish people are getting microchips under their skin and the world appears much advanced all of a sudden.

Microchip Designed By MAX IV Laboratory

According to reports, thousands of people in Sweden have had a microchip implanted under their skin for about 3 years. These microchips designed by Max IV Laboratory are extremely small – approximately the size of a rice grain, but can perform a tonne of functions. These microchips have enabled the Swedish citizens to get rid of IDs, gym passes and key cards to enter their respective work places. Microbiologists from the laboratory have confidence in the technology and say that new helpful features like contact-less payments, train microchip tickets reservation service will be added very soon to the chipset. Functions to unlock cars and house locks via the implanted chip are also under consideration.

Swedish People Are Getting Microchips Under Their Skin

Ben Libberton is a microbiologist working for the lab who says that this technology is incredibly convenient and safe to use. People are of the view that it is the step towards the future and as unreal as it might sound, it is already happening. The technology is as simple as having a syringe pierce your skin once in your life. IT specialists are already using this technology to perform various commands on their computers, like logging in and accessing files, which is reflective of what this technology is actually capable of.

Risks With The Microchip Technology

Even though technology geeks are extremely excited to hear what science has made possible, it is not necessary that such technology does not have potentially disastrous set backs. The biggest concern out of all is the fact that the manufacturers themselves have stated that consumer data is not entirely secured and is pretty vulnerable to cyber crime. Libberton warned that once data is leaked there is no way of getting it back and it can actually cause pretty serious consequences. Privacy and data protection is one of the most daunting challenges in the field of information technology, and if public’s data is not in safe hands, it is a turn off.

Swedish People Are Getting Microchips Under Their Skin

An additional dimension, a rather serious one, is the fact that governments can easily use such technology to invade the private lives of its public and use its data to guide their lives without their consent. There have been scenarios in the past when technology giants like Facebook have been exposed of stealing data with concealment. People are raising questions because they do not want their lives to be commanded by government with the help of a piece of technology which is not even as big as a grain of rice.

Sweden is a small country and people there trust their authorities. That may very well be the reason Swedish people are getting microchips under their skin.

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