Suspected patient of COVID-19 dies after family members unplug ventilator to plug-in air cooler

Indian patient dies after family members unplug ventilator to plug-in air cooler


This news may sound unbelievable to many. A suspected patient of COVID-19 in Rajasthan India died after his family members disconnect the ventilator to plug in the air cooler to deal with the sweltering weather.

On June 13 in the Maharao Bhimsingh Hospital (MBS) hospital at Kota district. A 40-years old patient was suspected of Coronavirus and admitted to the hospital, due to his severe condition he was admitted to ICU.

Later on, his test reports came negative. On June 15 he was transferred to an isolated ward as a precautionary measure after another patient tested positive for the disease in the ICU.

What had really happened?

Considering the hot weather and scorching heat in the isolation ward, his family members decide to bring an air cooler for him. For the purpose to switch on the Cooler, one from his family members unplugs the Ventilator and used the socket for cooler.

Soon, the condition of the man starts getting worse. The ventilator works on battery for some time but dropped soon. His family members start panicking and doctors rush to the patient but couldn’t save his life.

“When we were informed of his deteriorating health, we tried their best to revive him but unfortunately he could not survive,” said a doctor.

Instead of admitting their mistake, the patient’s family members started misbehaving with the doctors and accused them of causing the patient to die.

Further, they attacked the doctors and staff members. In protest against the doctor’s insult, other resident doctors temporarily boycotted work but soon resumed their duties.

The actions took by Hospital authorities

Hence, Dr. Varun, who was on duty that day, submitted a written complaint against the relatives of the patient. Following his complaint, Hospital authorities decide to form a committee of three members. The committee will investigate the incident thoroughly.

The hospital’s superintendent Dr. Naveen said,

“A committee comprising deputy superintendent, nursing superintendent, and the on-duty chief medical officer. They would investigate the incident and submit a report on Saturday.”

The question is, how did the hospital allow the air cooler to come in? Hospitals should pay more attention to their entry-exit security.


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