Suspect taken into custody for the rape of a minor girl

Suspect taken into custody for the rape of a minor girl


According to the report of a local news outlet, a minor girl was subjected to sexual assault in the region of Khanewal on Sunday.

Police told that the 10-year-old girl was raped in an area named Basti Zahoorabad. They also told that the suspect who was accused of assaulting the girl has been taken into custody and is being investigated.

The district police officer (DPO) Khanewal has taken notice of the incident. He has assured the people that the police will ensure justice to the victim and will catch and punish the culprit for his crime as soon as possible. The victim girl was taken to the hospital for medical assistance where the police recorded her statement.

Earlier in June, four children of 8-12 years of age went missing in Chunian and they could not be found till September.

Some people of Chunian discovered the body of a child in a ditch and informed the police. After that, the police also recovered the remains of the two more children who were missing since June. After the police discovered the bodies, the people of Chunian started protesting against the police to express their anger and frustration as the Police were unable to catch the culprit behind these crimes.

Shehzad, the prime suspect of the case was arrested on October 1. 1,649 people were tested for DNA samples and the DNA of the culprit had a hundred percent match with the DNA of the children collected from the crime scene.

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