Sushant Singh Has Committed Suicide In His Bandra House

Sushant Singh, 34, Commits Suicide one week after his Ex manager Disha Salian


Reading News: Sushant Singh Has Committed Suicide In His Bandra House

Indian media and public has been absolutely baffled by this incident. Reportedly, the famous actor Sushant Singh has committed suicide in his Bandra house. It is being told that due to the pandemic and the associated lockdown, the actor had been living alone in his house in Bandra for quite some time now. The Police department reached his apartment and found his body hanging with the ceiling. He had a noose tied around his neck when he was found dead. The police does not entirely understand the present scenario, and has refused to share any further explanation.

Potential Reason Behind His Suicide

Sushant Singh apparently was an extremely jolly man and a pleasure to work with on the sets according to his fellow actors and actresses. This is reflective of the fact that a lot of people do not show what they feel whereas in actuality they are going through agony and mental trauma. For a man who has actually delivered dialogues against the concept of suicide, it is truly hard to believe what he felt in the last moments before he ended his life.

Sushant was most popularly known because of his performance in the mega blockbuster movie “PK” in which he starred along side Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma. His fans are still in awe and are demanding an in-depth investigation of his death. The police has says that a complete investigation will be compiled after his autopsy. The entire Bollywood industry is going absolute nuts because this is the 4th star personality it has lost this year.

Mysterious Death of His Ex-Manager

Disha Salian recently made waves on the media because she committed suicide by off of a 14 story building as well. She had a sparkly record of working with the most popular stars ever in the industry like Aishwariya Rai and Varun Dhawan. She had previously worked for Sushant Sharma as well. And just five days ago, she was reported dead after jumping off of a building. The two stars have ended their lives in the time span of just 5 days and people are skeptical.

Sushant Singh Has Committed Suicide In His Bandra House

It is also being said that the trauma of his ex-manager’s loss might very well be the reason behind Sushant’s suicide. He had shared his thoughts on the death of his partner and said that he was “devastated”.

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