Survivors Confirmed From PK-8303

Survivors Confirmed From PK-8303 Plane Crash Site


Reading Now: Survivors Confirmed From PK-8303 Plane Crash Site

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight having about 100 people onboard crashed over a residential colony just seconds before landing at the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi. This tragedy took place on Friday when the PIA flight PK-8303 travelling from Lahore was about to land in Karachi. (Read about the incident in full detail here)

According to reports, 91 passengers including 31 women and 9 children were onboard the PK-8303 flight along-with 7 crew members. In this tragic set of events, the only tiny glimmer of hope is that there ARE survivors. Reportedly, AT LEAST 7 survivors from the flight have been confirmed.

Aside from this, there are anywhere from 10-40 unconfirmed survivors, albeit those might just be the resident people of the crash site.

Confirmed Survivors Include BOP President Among Others

Reports started rolling in soon after the rescue work began of the survivors of the flight crash. Murtaza Ali Shah posted a video of the Bank Of Punjab President – Zafar Masud – being rescued from the crash site on his twitter handle. He suffered minor injuries in the crash. The BOP CEO is currently in stable condition and admitted in Agha Khan Hospital. As per the officially released list of passengers on the flight, Zafar Masud was travelling on seat number 1C.

Mohammed Zubair is another fortunate survivor of the PK-8303 plane crash. Seat no. 8F was the one he was travelling on. He is also currently admitted to a hospital. Senator Saeed Ghani uploaded a pic with the survivor on his twitter handle earlier today as well.

Albeit in critical condition, the CEO of Urban Unit – Khalid Sherdil – has also survived the crash. He was seated at 1F and is currently undergoing treatment. He has also served as Director-General of Punjab Disaster Management Authority


Other confirmed survivors from the crash include Hamza Yusuf (2/LT) and PBEA Chairman Shabbir Ahmad. A woman named Tahira has also survived and is hospitalized at CMH right now.

Conflicting Reports and Missing Personnel

While there are conflicting reports on this, it is highly likely that senior journalist – Ansar Naqvi – has also survived the plane crash. Mr. Ansar was travelling on seat no. 22C.

A mechanical engineering student at the DHA Suffa University – Ammar Rashid – posted on his facebook account that he is going back to Karachi after 2 months of lockdown. Unfortunately, he was abroad the PK-8303 plane crash. It is currently in conflict whether he is among one of the survivors of the crash. 20F was the seat he was travelling on.

After 2 months of lockddown, going back Karachi#Allah_Tera_Shukar

Posted by Ammar Rashid on Thursday, May 21, 2020

On the other hand, a twitter user called for help in case anyone could locate his brother in law, who was onboard the PK-8303 flight.

So far, the officials have not yet released any statement confirming the number of casualties. Many people are still missing as well. Hopefully, more reports of survivors start surfacing soon.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for any other updates on this case!


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