Supreme Court reversed the fee structure according to the decision in January 2017


The Supreme Court of Pakistan rejected the request for an increase in tuition fees in violation of the Supreme Court order. As a result of this decision, any illegally increased rates will be considered invalid. Tuition fees for private schools will be restored to January 2017 tuition fees.

A panel of three judges ruled on Friday a substantial increase in tuition fees in private schools. The court is composed of the Chief Justice of Supreme Court Asif Saeed Khosa, Justice Ijazul Ahsan and Justice Faisal Arab. In a decision, the Supreme Court said that the fees of the private schools are raised to a non-considerable amount.

Supreme Court reverts the fees to a decision of 2017

The court said that the fees should be according to the law. The basic fee and the annual increase in the fee should be made by keeping in view the law of Any increase in the fee will be approved in case it is a necessary expense. This decision also prohibits private schools from recovering the reduction in court fees stipulated in the 2018 Supreme Court ruling. The fees charged by high-end private schools have been reduced by 20%.

Regulators should closely monitor the fees charged by private schools to ensure strict compliance with laws and regulations. The claim unit is configured to handle claims resulting from increased rates of violations of laws. The literacy rate in Pakistan is already below the average and due to these increasing fees, people will be discouraged from sending their children to private schools.

The conditions of Government schools are worse. Hence to increase the standard of education and to help children to get a complete education, strict actions should be taken if any institute violates the law. 

Morals of the educational institutes are getting shrunken as they keep on trying to turn schools into businesses comprising the quality of education and depriving middle class the right to get their kids to a Supreme Court reverts the fees to a decision of 2017good education.

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