Summer is a bit too harsh for Security Guards - Narrates Imam Din

Summer 2020 is a bit too harsh for Security Guards – Narrates Imam Din


Leaving the house in the scorching heat is nothing short of a nightmare. This lethal hot weather is putting the lives on risk but what about those who step out of their houses for earning?

A Pakistani security guard named Imam Din shares his experience of wearing a uniform and committing to his duty for 12 hours. An aged security guard from Lahore said, he has to wear polyester uniforms and leather shoes in the blazing sun. If not, he has to bear fine.

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Although, the salary of the security guards in not more than Rs.17000. In this skyrocketing inflation, it is almost impossible to meet their ends. With minimal salary and the fear of fine, the guard follows the rules strictly.

Summer is a bit too harsh for Security Guards - Narrates Imam Din

He further informs about the dress code details by saying “We are compelled to wear the Polyester uniform and leather shoes. Besides this, if we don’t wear these shoes, we will be fined Rs. 500. If we do not wear this hat or try to unbutton the front shirt, we will be fined Rs. 200 and Rs. 100 respectively.”

Despite all these difficulties he has to face, there are some more. That includes the skin allergy he got due to uniform’s stuff, heavy ammunition on the shoulder all day long and homesickness.

Lives of Security guards are at risks

Almost all over the country, guards are facing the same issues. A guard from Karachi fainted during his 12 hours duty. His colleague took him to the hospital where the doctors said “He was vulnerable to extreme heat.”

“My uniform is made of pure polyester. Only my God and I know what’s going on inside my body. It is like hellfire”

What do Experts have to say?

Dr. Munawar Khursheed, assistant professor at Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH), says bad-quality uniforms increase the risk of falling sick due to heat. “Uniformed workers who constantly remain outdoors have a higher intake of heat than others and due to the poor quality of outfit; the heat is trapped inside their body. This makes them more vulnerable to heatstroke”

Hence standing in the heat with poor quality uniforms and with tough work conditions deteriorates the health of poor outdoor workers.

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