9, 10,11,12 grade students to get exam relief amid covid- Ministry Meeting


Since the covid surge in Pakistan since May a new lockdown policy is underway. Under these circumstances, students set to give board exams are asking the Education Ministry to hear their plea and cancel the exams of the said grades. The Education minister is now considering offering further relief to the stressed students.

Why are the students protesting?

Its not that simple as it seems. Students say they are not running away from studies but are faced with extreme challenges when it comes to examinations. Firstly, the pandemic, more importantly, the delta variant has threatened the lives of children, youngsters, and old. If someone even has good immunity, they still can be a potential threat to elders at home.

Another important reason is the lack of guidance and teaching students need to get through the examination. The online lectures, being a new experience was difficult for many to absorb. Furthermore, unstable power supply. internet connectivity issues and network connectivity for the students of far-flung areas was a big hurdle to the education of the students.

The online mode can be implemented in Pakistan but before taking such a drastic shift the country needs to facilitate students for unhindered studies.

The Ministry of Education has held several high-level internal meetings on this matter and realises that covid is a great threat. However, until now the ministry has not reached a conclusion for the future. There is a possibility that the pandemic lingers on and the Education industry has to take a totally online strategy of studies.
If you have any suggestions on next year exams and how the process can be made better, please suggest in the comment section.

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