Students appeal HEC to suspend online exams

Students appeal HEC to suspend online exams


Islamabad: Recently students around the country gathered outside the office of HEC and protest against online classes and exams.

Earlier it said that HEC decides to stop the online classes and will promote students without examination. However, later on, HEC announced this news is fake.

In a tweet, the commission said,

“HEC is addressing students’ concerns regarding online classes and exams but promoting students without examination is out of [the] question.”

The students are using #SuspendOnlineExams_HEC and #noexmas to stops online exams without proper delivery of online classes.

However, the demands of students are quite reasonable. The universities are not following the proper standards for the delivery of lectures through online classes.

Many of the students have no internet facilities and others are not financially strong enough to bear the expenses of the internet and laptop. Despite all these problems, asking for a semester fee and online exams is nothing but injustice.

Recently a student from Balochistan requests to freeze his semester because he belongs to a remote area and their financial condition is at the lowest.

The response of HEC towards the appeal of students

There have been months but still, HEC is unable to figure out the situation. Finally, HEC heard the appeals of students in a meeting with the student’s representative.

The students demand for promotion in the next semester without online examination with 50% compensation in the fee.

In response to these demands, HEC replied “Students want to get passed for free, which is impossible.


Further HEC said that “The purpose of online classes was to save their semester without disrupting the academic calendar.”


Moreover, HEC assured that the commission is working on this matter. HEC Chairman Dr. Tariq Banuri already had a meeting with the vice-chancellors to resolve the issues with the graduating students and new admissions. 

Further, they consider the matter of the online thesis defense for final year students of universities.

The question here is, Where is all the money which universities have been taking for years at the name of funding?  What about compensations for students now?

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