Spooky: Car Used In Pakistan Stock Exchange Attack Spotted In GEO TV Drama Deewangi


Now Reading: Spooky: Car Used In Pakistan Stock Exchange Attack Spotted In GEO TV Drama Deewangi

On 29th June 2020, the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) militants attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) building in Karachi  with grenades and started firing indiscriminately. According to reports, at least three security guards along with a sub inspector of the police were killed along with the injuring of seven people in the attack. Police reported that all the four attackers were killed within 8 minutes credited to the prolific officers on site.

In a spooky coincidence that has shocked and baffled every Pakistani TV drama watcher, the car that was used by terrorists to attack the Pakistan stock exchange site has been spotted in GEO TV’s ongoing drama serial – Deewangi.

Released on July 1st but shot 10 months earlier (on August 30, 2019), the 33rd episode of GEO TV’s Deewangi showed two characters from the show conversing and walking around in an open parking space at Hill Park. An observation of the scene has spooked its audience as the parked car in the scene is the exact same one which the terrorists used for their attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange’s building.  The comparison can be seen below:


This scene from 33rd episode of ‘Deewangi’ aired on July 1st and the spooky coincidence is that it aired just two days after the attack took place.

Investigations Reveal The Origin Of The Car

An investigation on the terrorist attack on PSX revealed that the car used during the incident was bought by one of the attackers in his name for Karachi’s ‘Karsaz neighbourhood’. According to the vehicle’s documents, the car owner and one of the terrorist’s name was Salman who bought the silver corolla car from a showroom near Karsaz. This showroom is known in dealing second-hand cars.


The terrorist Salman’s date of birth, number, date of birth and address were also displayed on the documents.


Investigations further reveal that the car was bought only recently by terrorists from a showroom in the port city’s Sabzimandi area i.e. they bought the car on June 24th, only four days prior to the attack.

After this baffling revelation, the management of GEO TV has revealed that the complete unedited footage of the shoot has been voluntarily handed over to the security officials just in case it helps to further their investigation.

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