SpaceX: Why Is This Sparkly Dinosaur Going To Space?

SpaceX: Why Is This Sparkly Dinosaur Going To Space?


Reading Now: SpaceX: Why Is This Sparkly Dinosaur Going To Space?

SpaceX in collaboration with NASA made history yesterday on May 30th, 2020 at 3:22 pm US time. After 9 years of American cosmonauts relying on the Russian Soyuz space vehicles for their transportation to and from the International Space station, engineers at SpaceX have finally enabled America to launch its astronauts to low earth orbit from American soil. Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley were the ones commanding the space module on Falcon 9 booster rocket. A hilarious scene was recorded 10 minutes into the flight when a fluffy sparkly dinosaur was seen floating in zero gravity environment – a seemingly joyful touch in a rather serious and sophisticated endeavor.

Why Is This Sparkly Dinosaur Going To Space?

Both Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley have a beautiful family. The origin of this dinosaur is pretty heart-warming as it belongs to Bob Behnken’s son. Each astronaut’s son shares enthusiasm for stuffed toys and dinosaurs. Bob found it supercool to take along with him a rather colorful crew member to the International Space Station. He said that his and Doug’s son would have preferred accompanying them on this mission if given the chance, but for now, this toy is reflective of their zeal and enthusiasm for space exploration. Bob could be seen wishing good-bye to his son while he was sitting in the car waiting to be carried to the rocket.

SpaceX: Why Is This Sparkly Dinosaur Going To Space?

Internet scavengers wasted no time in figuring out where the dinosaur had come from originally. It was found out that it is the TY Flippables Tremor Dinosaur. Toys like these have flown to space previously as well on different missions. They are placed inside the vehicle and used to determine the zero G state above the Earth where objects and humans start to experience weightlessness.

Can you get this now historic toy?

As this shiny dinosaur made waves all over the internet and broadcast media, SpaceX thought of making other stock samples of the same toy available to public. This will result in everyone owning a priceless relic, being a part of the new technology that revolutionized the way astronauts approach space. This dinosaur is available on the SpaceX store for just $25.

SpaceX: Why Is This Sparkly Dinosaur Going To Space?

As it appears, some people own this toy already and they never knew they would automatically own a priceless piece of space exploration history. If you own this toy, it means you had no prior knowledge of it becoming famous, and that means that you are lucky and also, unique.

What are your thoughts on this new advancement in the field of space travel? Let us know in the comments.


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