Solo Türk Aerobatics Team To Perform At National Day Parade along with PAF

Solo Türk Aerobatics Team To Perform At National Day Parade along with PAF


The renowned Solo Türk aerobatics of the Turkish Air Force team is set to perform along with the Pakistan Air Force at the Pakistan Day Parade.

Unfortunately, the Pakistan Day Parade event has postponed due to unstable weather conditions. However, the Turkish Air Force team has already arrived prior to the event. In order to take part in the formalities of the big day.

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Turkish Ministry of Defense tweeted in this regard saying:

“SOLOTURK, the demonstration team of the Turkish Air Force will conduct a demo flight by participating in friendly and brotherly Pakistan’s National Day activities. The SOLOTÜRK team arrived in the capital Islamabad for the activities to be held on ​March 23, 2021.”

As per details, the Turkish Air Force team will execute a demo flight in the area located between the Faizabad and Zero Point interchanges, Shakaparian.

Moreover, the parade slated to hold on March 23 but now rescheduled to March 25. Certainly, the reschedule is due to the rainy spell, which, the Met Office, will continue in the next two days. As per reports, It will hold on that day in line with the program and timings already specified.

Prior Performance of SoloTurk in Pakistan

Turkish F-16 demo and stunt team Soloturk had held its first demonstration in 2011, on the 70th anniversary of Pakistan.
The “Solo Turk”, the famous Turkish aerobatic team of the Turkish Air Force, and the internationally acclaimed “Saudi Hawks” of the Royal Saudi Air Force alongside PAF aircraft added colors to the mega event.

Pakistan Day commemorates the Lahore Resolution that passed on 23 March 1940. On that day, the All-India Muslim League met at Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore. The Muslim leaders of the Subcontinent, including the Father of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, set the agenda of a separate homeland for the Muslims.

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