Solis Festival Islamabad To The Ashes

Solis Festival Islamabad Turns to Ashes [What went wrong]


Solis Festival was brought back in Islamabad by Mountain Dew on Saturday. But everything went seriously wrong at the event and the management and security arrangements of the event are under sheer fire and criticism at the moment. From the VIP stage crashing to rioters making their way in the event with fake tickets, here is everything that led Solis Festival Islamabad to the ashes.

According to the people at the event who encountered the traumatic events first hand, a mob of rioters crashed the show and ran all over the place, throwing up literal chaos all around. The VIP lounge crashed because of overcrowding. Following the stage crash, many unpleasant scenarios were also observed. Multiple reports of physical abuse and groping were registered all around the web by many female attendees.

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15.02.2020 its just 30 minutes in, we’re at the front dancing and I BLACKOUT what I realize next is the entire vip lounge COLLAPSING. it was almost 7 feet high and i lost consciousness for a minute bec ig that’s just how your brain responds. i remember as soon as i regain consciousnesses half a minute later i’m in trauma, unaware of what just happened, me, my sis, my brother and my friends are helplessly trying to get up, i swear i couldn’t figure out what’s happening, ALL I REMEMBER IS ME STRUGGLING TO GET UP and a guy starts snatching my bag, (i was wearing a crossbody bag and it was in my neck) i literally thought I’d suffocate or my neck’s going to break and the guys there pick up the grill and start pushing it back while we’re stuck in it. my sister’s screaming and so is my friend. i look at @saishaa.g and her leg’s stuck underneath the grill and some guy’s on top of her. my sister’s phone fell somewhere there and it’s lost now bec somebody picked it up. we’re panicking, getting stamped upon and literally no ones helping bec in this moment these filthy frustrated assholes get a chance and start touching, groping and harassing us, it took me a moment to realise what they’re doing bec I was in absolute hysteria. my body was aching bec of the injuries. i was almost numb @solisfestival continued and the DJs didn’t even stop the music. my lil brother helped us all get up with his forehead bleeding and then we rushed straight out. what we see out is literally a group of men following a girl who’s walking her way in, a guy legit slapping a girl who accused him of harassing and a whole lotta other shit. we couldn’t walk. idk how we made it to the car but not a single person was there to HELP. we went straight to the hospital, my tissues and muscles of the leg are torn, my bestfriend got her leg fractured, my sister’s hands were bleeding and her thighs bruised. A TRAGIC SOLIS NIGHT ONCE AGAIN! WHERE ARE YOU NOW @solisfestival? IS THIS THE SAFETY YOU PROVIDE FOR A 10K TICKET? HOW TF ARE YOU PLANNING ON COMPENSATING THE PHYSICAL PAIN AND MENTAL TRAUMA, SEXUAL HARASSMENT, THE GRAVE LOSS OF A LIFE AND THE PAIN WE’RE STILL GOING THROUGH?

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The management team of Solis issued their first apology statement on Instagram instantly after, explaining the situation. “We had to make the difficult decision to stop the event due to the hundreds of individuals who fought their way through with fake tickets. This spoiled the night for everyone else that had purchased authorised tickets,” they wrote.

In another statement they declared illegal sale of Solis Tickets the main cause of all the trouble encountered. Many people managed to buy Solis Festival tickets in black or by indirect means and crashed the whole show with no intent of making the show fun. These mess creators destroyed the whole festival and the legitimate ticket buyers had to suffer both financially and mentally.

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For the 4th edition of Solis Festival, we were really excited to bring the festival back to home grounds- Islamabad. We had to make the difficult decision to stop the event due to hundreds of individuals who fought their way through with fake tickets. This spoiled the night for everyone else that purchased authorized tickets. As always, security and safety is at the utmost priority for our festival attendees, vendors, sponsors and artists. We want all our fans to feel safe and happy at every show, and because of the actions of these individuals we weren’t able to do so. We will be issuing a further statement at a later time, but for now want to thank our fans who purchased real tickets and came to genuinely enjoy the event.

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The organizers were seen apologizing to the numerous people who entered the festival bearing original tickets, costing 10k PKR each, adding that their intention was to solely provide entertainment and never expected such a wreck.

Some people on Twitter are calling for action, both against the Solis management and against the gatecrashers. They also called for ticket refunds. The lineup for the show featured Dannic, Mike Williams, Julian Jordan, FDVM and Turhan James, making the event completely international.

After disturbing videos circulating that were shared on social media by victims, an FIR is being registered against the organisers by the Deputy Commisioner Islamabad (DCI), according to their Twitter handle.


All in all the event was nothing but a mind wrenching chaos and mess which led many people to suffer from multiple types of losses, including health. The safety of many people was put on stake and the international image of Pakistan, at least in the EDM industry has crashed down beyond imagination. The event will never be allowed to be held again, according to government officials following all the events that led Solis Festival Islamabad to the ashes.


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