#SkyElectricPoweringUp goes viral as SkyElectric calls for immediate Climate Action using Renewable Energy


ISLAMABAD: SkyElectric, Pakistan’s Largest Solar Power distributor shed light on Pakistan’s climate crisis and presented viable solutions at its Annual Sales Conference 2020. The event was attended by all stakeholders including Chairman Ashar Aziz, PM Advisor to Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam, and eminent Real Estate developers. The event was based on Powering Up 2020 with grass-root level awareness about climate change and the use of solar energy to achieve sustainable development goals of Pakistan.

Mr. Amin Aslam addressed the conference about the critical nature of the issue and how solar energy distributors like SkyElectric can play their part in providing clean, green and low-cost energy.

#SkyElectricPoweringUp  got viral on Twitter as more and more people got involved in the debate. As the environment evangelists long for some organization to take ownership of the climate change issue, people for the first time gaged in the issue discussing it in detail.


It is believed that Pakistan contributes only 1% to global greenhouse gases emission. But it is the 7th country in the world index to be most affected by climate change. In Pakistan, greenhouse gas emissions were equal to a staggering 342 million metric tons in 2012, with the energy and agricultural sector being the main contributors accounting for 87%.

Pakistan is a very populous country with mixed culture and ancient civilizations. It depends 80% on the burning of fossil fuels to meet its energy demands. All power stations burn coal or French oil to produce steam to run the generator turbines. The gruesome problem of the production of sheer amounts of toxic waste has been left unaddressed. But with SkyElectric popping up on the power scene, it can really dent the future of Pakistan when it comes to making clean and reliable energy for decades.


The representatives of SkyElectric said that solar solution is a one-time investment with lifetime use and fruitful effects for future generations. Solar Power does not need to burn anything to be generated – as it is a molecular process with no side products. Solar power feels like any other power but with no toxic effects for nature.

Fossil fuels that are currently the major resources for power generation not only coat a lot, but also the costs are increasing every year. Pakistan has been importing oil from various parts of the world for its energy requirements fulfillment. This has been a burden on the economy of Pakistan for a long – long time.

So switching to Solar energy from fossil fuels to solar energy adds much to economic stability too. Also, fossil fuels are non-renewable sources of energy, hence limited. With Sun shining on us for about another billion years, it is hard not to opt for the more reliable, greener and cleaner solution.

SkyElectric appears to be the only innovative company in Pakistan that has accelerated the drive for a pollution-free environment on the cost of better technology. It is believed that we are the first generation to be affected by climate change, and we are also the last to do something about it. SkyElectric aims to give future generations a better environment to prosper in with technology that can always cope with ever-increasing power demands.

Pakistanis have appreciated their strive for innovation and development. A visible rise in the discussions about climate change has been observed.


Would you switch to solar energy for a better prosperous Pakistan?


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