Sindhboycottsgeo over shahzad iqbals remarks

#SindhBoycottsGeo Trending on Twitter after Anchor Shahzad Iqbal’s Remarks


Yesterday, the program Naya Pakistan with Anchor Shahzad Iqbal covered the topic ‘Karachi ko Jeeny do’  with different stakeholders of Sindh government as guests. Everything was usual until the anchor mistakenly called Karachi a province instead of a city and then claimed he is open to this option too.

Since then, the news has been all over the social media and Sindhis are campaigning for the boycott of Geo News over the anchor’s remarks.  People are infuriated and that is evident by #SindhBoycottsGeo trending number 1 on Twitter. People are saying that any good should happen for the whole Sindh and giving Karachi a special status is pointing towards a provincial divide.  Sindh are united at this stance that Karachi is a part and the capital of Sindh as well as they are also an element of The Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Most of sindhi people are frustrated that whenever development projects and cleanliness campaigns are under discussion, Karachi city is highlighted, but the other eminent cities of Sindh are never taken into account. The changing governments in Sindh have so far done nothing but added cost for a 5-year term while the province faces great challenges.

While some are taking chances to get their similar opinion validated, others are really frustrated over these opinions.

Some people are calling the act racist saying all Sindhis should be treated equal instead of special slicing out of Karachi in every matter. The matter has now come to knowledge and Sindhi want an apology for the statement.



Sindh Boycotts Geo











The people of Karachi are adamant that either the anchor himself apologize or the boycott of Geo News issues a statement over this matter.



Sindhi being an essential part of the economy of Pakistan is always said to be undermined and now people have Geo to blame.

Sindhis infuriated about Karachi being called a province









This issue can easily come to an end if the anchorperson Shahzad Iqbal apologizes personally and declares that it was only a slip of tongue. But will he be willing to say his thoughts about doing so have also changed?


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