Sindh Rejects Uniform Syllabus By Federal Gov

Sindh Rejects Uniform Syllabus Composed By Federal Government


Sindh Rejects Uniform Syllabus Composed By Federal Government And Said That Devising The Curriculum Was A Provincial Prerogative.

A meeting of the education department chaired by Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah analyzed a proposal to introduce a uniform syllabus across the country.

Briefing the meeting, Education Minister Saeed Ghani said that the contents of the syllabus from the federal government to be introduced in the country have been received. He said “The federal government wants a uniform curriculum in the country” 

Through a briefing to the meeting, Saeed informed that the provincial syllabus carries a subject of social studies from grades six to eight. “However, the curriculum devised by the federal government has no subject of social studies.” according to the details.

Chief Minister Sindh’s Statement

Sindh Rejects Uniform Syllabus Composed By Federal Government As The Chief Minister said :

“The provincial curriculum is far better and following modern-day needs as compared to the federal government’s uniform syllabus.”

Further, he also directed Saeed Ghani to draw a comparison between both the curriculums and submit a report to him.

 Chief Minister announced that Sindh Government is working on the devising of their provincial curriculum which will come into force soon. According to him, it is the province’s prerogative to devise a syllabus.

It is noteworthy that, on March 19, the federal government announced that it has completed the first phase of its plan. The government will implement uniform syllabus across the country as it prepared curriculum for classes up to fifth grade.

While briefing Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding the implementation of uniform syllabus across the country. The education ministry apprised that the process involved a working group comprising professionals and experts. Along with assistance from academics in Cambridge and Agha Khan boards and LUMS.

Sindh Government’s Devised Syllabus

“The now-prepared curriculum for grades 1 to 5 will be enforced by March 2021. Also, the curriculum for grades 6 to 8 will be finalized by March 2021. It will come into force from March 2022.”

Further, they said that the uniform course outline from grades nine to 12 will be finalized by March 2022. Moreover. it would come into force by March 2023.

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