Sindh High Court Rejects Petition Seeking to Legalize Charas


Now Reading: Sindh High Court Rejects Petition Seeking to Legalize Charas

On Friday, the Sindh High Court (SHC) rejected a request submitted to it, asking to allow and legalize the carrying and consuming of hashish – also commonly known as charas in Pakistan. The lodged petition in SHC was heard by a two-member bench. The petitioner sought immediate orders for concerned departments for allowing citizens to consume up to 10 grams of Charas.

Ghulam Asghar  — a Karachi-based lawyer —  asked the Sindh High Court to decriminalize using 10 grams  of charas as he made the case that it is a very useful and effective substance to treat different diseases, including but not limited to even the COVID-19 coronavirus. He added that many ‘decent and noble’ people have been harassed by the police just because of consuming hashish due to its illegalization.

SHC Judge Angered

However, the Sindh High Court blatantly rejected it and declared the petition, filed by a citizen Ghulam Asghar, not maintainable in the long term. Meanwhile, Justice Muhammad Mazhar Ali expressed anger on this. He exhorted the petitioner, reprimanding him on the kind of plea he had come up with.


“What kind of a petition have you brought? Do you want everyone in the country to start smoking charas?”, stated Justice Mazhar, asking Ghulam Asghar what charge should be levelled against him on bringing up such a request. The petitioner responded to the court’s question by saying that he was a “poor man” and had filed the petition in “public interest” as many shareef people have been vexed by the authorities for consuming hashish.

He also informed SHC bench that many countries around the world have legalized the consumption of Hashish. It is worth noting that carrying a certain quantity and consuming contrabands like hashish or cannabis (marijuana) or weed is really not a punishable offence in several countries. For instance, Uruguay, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain and Australia are just some of the countries that have decriminalized possession of a drug such as marijuana.

He added that Pakistan can also increase its income generate considerable revenue from this sector if it legalized the use of Charas. The SHC judge, however, did not show any hesitation in refusing the petition still, stating;

“If you want to smoke hash then go to those countries, it is not allowed here. We do not want such a revenue, there are legitimate ways to increase income.”

Rise of Hashish Culture in Pakistan


Usually, Hashish addicts are bound to feel more paranoid, they lose their short term and long term memory and gradually develop the disease known as Schizophrenia. Their body suffers, consistently aching and their lungs get completely damaged. It also fluctuates emotions and mood swings are very common.

It is important to note that as such, the judge’s concerns are very rightly placed as the start of Hashish culture is quite common in the country’s youth as it had been smuggled into the metropolitan areas, majorly from the neighboring country of Afghanistan.

Consequently, Pakistan is engulfed by the rising Hashish culture as hashish is present everywhere whether it be universities, colleges, public places or just personal gatherings, especially in the cities of Karachi, Lahore, and the state capital – Islamabad. Hence, a decent majority of the Pakistani youth is indeed addicted to Hashish and the legalization of the contraband is only gong to increase it.

Tell us in the comments below whether you think legalizing it is in the public’s interest or against it!


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