Sindh Government bans congregational prayers as the COVID-19 local shift seems rapid


Coronavirus News: Sindh government banned congregational prayers due to the prompt increase in local Coronavirus cases.

A night before the Holy month of Ramzan Chief Minister Sindh, Syed Murad Ali Shah announced that there is a ban on the congregational prayers like Taraweh and Jumma prayers. He takes this step following the advice of doctors who are urging the central government of Pakistan to tighten its restrictions on gatherings.

Not only doctors are urging the government to take strict measures to avoid gatherings. But also Pakistan’s health system cannot handle more patients and they fear it could collapse.

In a video message, CM Sindh said,

” Mosques will remain open but only the staff is allowed to offer prayers there, no citizen or outsider is allowed to enter the mosque.”



Besides this, there will be a strict lockdown on Friday during the Jumma prayers from12 pm to 3 pm, to avoid public gatherings.

CM Murad Ali Shah while justifying his statement said:

“Even if we were making wrong decisions, Allah will forgive us as our intentions are good and the government is doing all this just to protect the public of Pakistan.”

President Arif Alvi and the Sindh government took this decision mutually. He further requested the Ulema to support this decision as the local transmission rate reaches 80%.



CM Shah also mentions about the agreement between the federal government and religious scholars on congregational prayers in mosques.

“Government did not deviate from the agreement. The provincial governments can change the decision if the situation appears to worsen.”

WHO warns Pakistan that expected COVID-19 cases will reach 200,000 by mid of July.

According to the NCOC, the government is planning for testing random people due to the rapid increase of local patients. Pakistan’s current toll for the total number of COVID-19 cases reaches to 11,155 including 3,945 cases in Sindh.


Do you agree with this decision of the Sindh government?

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