Sindh Culture Minister Offers to Pay for Actress Naila Jaffri’s Medical Expenses


Now Reading: Sindh Culture Minister Offers to Pay for Actress Naila Jaffri’s Medical Expenses

One of PTV’s golden age stars, Naila Jaffri, took to Twitter to call for government assistance in her fight against ovarian cancer. Sindh Culture Minister Sardar Shah responded by saying that his ministry would “happily bear all her expenses.”

Furqan Siddiqui, a friend and filmmaker, shared Jaffri’s video on Twitter. Given her long illness and increasing medical costs, Jafri highlighted the trouble she is having affording healthcare. “When I first joined PTV, I remember that the broadcasters would pay us royalties for re-runs of our old shows. And though it wasn’t a lot, receiving that extra bit of money always felt great,” the actress recalled.

She went on to explain that her recent shows have not had their royalties paid, finishing her reasoning by stating that royalties would have made bearing the costs of her struggle easier for her. Jafri stated;

“The last serial I did has run on air some six times over the last six years, maybe four. Similarly, other dramas too. For those re-runs, we should’ve been paid royalties. A lot of other people might not need such money, but when you haven’t been working for a while, and have no support, these things become very important.”

She didn’t only make the case for ex-actors; she even included athletes and other art contributors in her argument. Supporting her case, many people and celebrities came out. Actor Yasir Hussain spoke out about the situation as well, calling the television networks a “mafia” for this practice.


Sardar Ali Shah, the Sindh Minister for Culture, replied to Naila Jaffri’s request by saying that his department would “happily bear all her expenses.” Others who were involved on the site reacted as well, sharing their willingness to assist. “Culture department will happily bear all her expenses .. can anyone share her contact number?”, wrote Shah.

Jaffri also used the occasion to express her gratitude to her fans and well-wishers for their love and support over the years. Her cancer diagnosis was first published in 2017, though it was greatly exaggerated. She immediately spoke up and answered the story, arguing that it was exaggerated but real.


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