Shoaib Mansoor steals hearts with his new song starring Mahira Khan- Roti Say Kahyen Chawal


Shoaib Mansoor– A name famous for paying tribute to women in every possible unique way. Shoaib Mansoor starring Mahira Khan released a special Women’s Day song on the 8th of March, named “Dua-e-Reem”.



Shoaib Mansoor the legendary writer/director, who has been away from the TV & Cinema screens for a long time, is now back with his latest music video featuring Mahira Khan as a bride of old times.

Dua-e-Reem means “Bride’s Prayer”. The video of this song is based on the times before the partition era when the poem of Allam Iqbal “Lab pay ati hai dua” was gaining fame. Some of the women spin it a little bit and turns this poem into a bride’s pray.



The song starts with some of the professional lady singers praying for the bride that God gives her the strength and tolerance to bear her husband’s brutalities. In addition, the older lady singer asks God for patience for the bride that she never complains about her husband’s wrongdoings.

The verses of the song disheartened the bride (Mahira Khan), she stops them from singing and pray for herself. Mahira asks God in her verses for a married life full of love, trust, and understanding. Besides this, she asks for a blissful marriage where both partners respect each other.

This is the third project of Mahira Khan with Shoaib Mansoor. Before this music video, Shoaib casts Mahira in “Bol” and “Verna”. Both movies based on the harsh and cruel realities of our society. 



Shoaib Mansoor is one of the pioneers of Music videos of Pakistan’s entertainment industry. His superhits include “Dil Dil Pakistan” and “ISHQ-Supreme” in which he featured supermodel, Eman Ali.



Now Dua-e-Reem is stealing the show with its beautiful verses and charming poster. Mahira Khan looks stunning in her outfit and undoubtedly she has done a marvelous job and does complete justice to her character.



Fans are supporting this concept of Shoaib Mansoor and appraising the Mahira’s performance. The hashtags of #DuaeReem and #RotiSayKhayenChawal are all over social media.



Mahira Khan thanked her fans on Twitter and adores the write-up of the Shoaib Mansoor’s song.












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