Shireen Mazari’s Daughter Apologizes for ‘Disrespecting’ Pakistani Martyrs Of 1965 War


Now Reading: Shireen Mazari’s Daughter Apologizes for ‘Disrespecting’ Pakistani Martyrs Of 1965 War

A couple days back i.e. on the 6th of September, the Pakistan nation celebrated Defense Day (Youm-e-Difa) to commemorate and remember the sacrifices made by Pakistani soldiers in defending the country’s borders in the war of 1965. The Pak Armed Forces, along with the backed strength of the nation, fought the war with bravery, dignity and dedication in protecting the country. The struggles that the forces faced and their hard work in overcoming them is still remembered to this day.

Indian backlash on this day is quite common, as they are of the belief that Pakistan lost the war that day. However, what shocked a lot of Pakistanis was seeing that the daughter of Minister of Human Rights of Pakistan – Shireen Mazari – also indulges in that belief. The minister’s daughter i.e. Imaan Zainab Mazari thinks Pakistan lost the war and that its victory is a fabricated lie.

Shireen Mazari’s Daughter Implies Pakistan’s Loss in the 1965 War

Using the hashtag #DefenceDay, Imaan took to her twitter on 6th September and instead of posting something positive in remembrance of this, posted some BASELESS ‘facts’ regarding the way. The implication of the post being that Pakistan didn’t win the war but India did.

Shireen Mazari’s daughter further added that both of the countries claim victory in the war but ‘independent historians’ have noted that Pakistan suffered more loss in the war, hence losing it.

Though as noted by a twitter user, all these so-called ‘facts’ were blatant false Indian narrative, taken word by word from an Indian article.

This becomes clearer as when you dig through what history wrote, most of the newspapers – while being in agreement that both sides suffered losses – had Pakistan’s victory and India being forced to retreat as headlines. Different papers but one common narrative i.e. victory taken by Pakistan.


Imaan Apologizes for “Unintentional Disrespect”

After the afore mentioned tweets from Shireen Mazari’s daughter, the nation was outraged (and fairly so). They emphasized that she should not be indulging in Indian narratives and consequently disrespecting the Pakistani martyrs, especially with the platform and position that she has. Even more so because of their baseless nature.

As the criticism and outrage continued against Imaan’s tweets, she made a tweet stating that she welcomes ‘other opinions’ on the matter if they can present other sources. Here’s what she had to say;

“You can (& should) challenge statistics/figures & opinions for which u have alternative sources. Much more interesting to have 100 diff viewpoints under my tweets than just agreement with what I share. The point is to learn, discuss & debate. BUT labeling & abuse will be ignored.”

This clearly couldn’t stop the outrage as the implication of this remained the same i.e. until someone shows her otherwise (despite already being shown), she would continue thinking that India won the 1965 war.

In yet another tweet, the Minister’s daughter went on to say that whatever side of history you believe, no one, in no way, wants to disrespect and take away anything from the sacrifices martyrs of the war. “I seem to have upset many people with my tweet today. That was not my intention,” Imaan added. She concluded by chanting Pakistan Zindabad.

People Aren’t Convinced by this ‘Apology’

Even after this “apology”, users on twitter didn’t seem to agree with her as some noted that her tweets EXACTLY came off as intentionally targeting to upset and mock people with ignorant and anti-Pakistan statements like that. They aren’t convinced that Imaan truly meant it and titled her as having a confused mindset as some noted that the first part of her sentence seemed to suggest that she doesn’t trust and respect the spirit of sacrifice of our martyrs. On the other hand, the second part of her tweet suggests otherwise.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below whether you think Imaan actually meant it or just said it to get people off her case!


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