Shahid Afridi vs Gautam Gambir

Shahid Afridi & Gautam Gambhir Are At Each Other Again


We all have seen that famous fight between Shahid Afridi and Gautam Gambir in 2007 during and ODI between India vs Pakistan in Kanpur.  Seems like Gautam is still finding ways to take revenge. Following the incident its been 12 years now, but still Gambir always tries to tweet something against Afridi to ignite the fire again.

Recently, Afridi tweeted on PM Imran Khan’s call in showing solidarity with Kashmiri brothers.
Here’s what he tweeted:

The All-rounder requested the fellow Pakistanis to join him in this noble cause. Gautam couldn’t digest this tweet and jumped in the situation uninvited, trying to get support from the Indian fan base.

Earlier Prime Minister Imran Khan had announced a 30 minute event which will take place every week in Pakistan to show unity and solidarity with Kashmiri people.

Gautaum Gambir first tried to gain attention on August 5th , 2019 when Shahid Afridi  tweeted about the Article 370 matter , which was abolished by the Indian Parliament ,seizing Kashmiri people rights.

In response to all the hate thrown by Gautam, Afridi trolled him and the rest Gautam fans by sharing a fact which was a pretty clever move.

He tweeted a picture from former Mental Conditioning Coach in which he said

Gautam Gambir was one of the weakest and mentaly most insecure people i have worked with.

The aggression was still there which led him to give statements about Afridi to a pro-Indian news channel , advising Afridi to grow up .


Lala and Gambir have clashes many times on field but this is the first time they came face to face on Kashmir issue. It is rare when Boom Boom responds to hate tweets but this response surely was out of the stadium.

This is a developing story , we will add more to it as it proceeds. Let us know what you think of this situation.


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