Senior Journalist Matiullah Jan was abducted from the capital territory Islamabad [Pictures and Video]

Senior Journalist Matiullah Jan abducted from the capital territory Islamabad [Pictures and Video]


Islamabad: Senior journalist Matiullah Jan was reportedly abducted from Islamabad’s Sector G-6 on Tuesday. According to his family, unidentified men abducted Matiullah.

While talking to media, Matiullah’s wife said that his car was located outside the school she worked at, in Islamabad’s G-6 area. She said the keys and one of his mobile phones were still inside the car and the car was unlocked. All this indicating that he had been taken against his will. “I have been told that some people forcibly took away my husband,” she added.

He was due to appear in the Supreme Court this week after the Supreme Court took suo moto notice of his alleged insulting tweet.

Apparently, Matiullah’s son tweeted from his account at 3:17 PM. He informs that his father has been kidnapped from Islamabad.

CCTV Footage of abduction

A CCTV footage at the time of abduction shows a convoy of cars, including a land cruiser with red and blue emergency lighting. A large number of men can be seen landing from the vehicles and forcing Jan into one of their cars. The footage also shows Jan throwing his mobile phone into the building, and a uniformed individual demanding that it be handed to them.

#BringBackMatiullah is trending on Twitter

Not only the journalist of Pakistan are demanding back Matiullah safe and sound. But Also many of the eminent personalities and other authorities took notice of his abduction.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) demanded the immediate safe recovery of Matiullah.

Moreover, Islamabad Police confirms that they have no involvement in the abduction of a senior journalist. As it is not confirmed yet that the unidentified abductors in uniforms belong to which security forces.

Amnesty International also posted its concerns about the senior journalist on Twitter. 

On the other hand, many of the netizens are considering his abduction as planned or fake. All these conceptions are due to the Matiullah’s hearing in the Supreme Court over his insulting tweet.

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