Guard Kills Bank Manager for Allegedly Committing Blasphemy [Details]


Now Reading: Security Guard Kills Bank Manager over Allegedly Committing Blasphemy 

In yet another sad case of taking advantage of blasphemy laws for personal gains, a bank manager was shot dead by a security guard after putting allegations of blasphemy on him in Punjab’s Khushab district. As per reports from police and his relatives, the bank manager was quickly taken to a hospital but soon succumbed to the severity of the gun wound.

This tragic incident took place in National Bank of Pakistan located in Quaidabad Tehsil in Khushab District. The security guard, named Ahmad Nawaz, during a heated argument, shot the manager called Malik Imran Hanif with a rifle. Malik was initially shifted to a local hospital but because of his serious condition, he was later shifted to Services Hospital Lahore where he passed away.

The guard admitted to the murder, claiming he did it over alleged blasphemy committed by Imran Hanif. However, coworkers and police sources suspect that the motive was actually the guard’s personal grudge. It is important to note that guard Ahmad Nawaz did not have a good working relationship with the manager and got into a heated argument with him a few days earlier too.

In CCTV footage from the bank cameras widely-shared on Twitter, the guard is seen sitting on a chair near the bank’s entrance. He calmly stands up from his seat and openly fires two shots from his rifle at Imran Hanif. Upon this, another guard intervenes and stops him from firing a third time.

Murderer Praised as Hero by Extremist Mob

DPO Wilayat has stated that police are currently investigating the incident. Quoting initial reports, he said that the security guard and the manager had been at odds for some quite some time. Moreover, the guard was reportedly fired a few months ago. Though, he was subsequently rehired but still continued to argue on various occasions with the manager.

Despite this overwhelming evidence against this being a case of blasphemy and more of one being a murder over personal grudge, the guard got massive support from extremist mobs, just like the boy who killed alleged blasphemer in a Peshawar court.. As the guard, Ahmad Nawaz was being arrested, he started chanting slogans of love for the Holy Prophet (PBUH), selling the blasphemy excuse for a murder.

This move drew the attention of nearby locals who rushed to the scene and greeted the guard with similar slogans such as “Behead those who insult the Prophet”. Many even started hugging him in support. Later people belonging to various religious groups also surrounded the police station were the guard was being held and expressed their support for him.

In another such video shared on social media, the guard could be seen sipping a cup of tea as he sits comfortably on a chair, surrounded by his supporters after killing someone. He can be heard saying that the manager who was murdered by him didn’t believe in the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and had actually insulted him.

All Allegations of Blasphemy Blatantly False

As it turns out, all the allegations of blasphemy on the basis of which this murder was carried out are in fact, false. If the above mentioned reasons for a personal grudge kill weren’t enough, it becomes more evident that banker Imran was actually an ardent lover of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as his facebook profile not only had countless Ahadees shared but he had also put the Boycott France banner on his profile pic.

Imran Hanif’s uncle also spoke up against this injustice. He swore that his family are loyal followers of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and have no link with the Qadiyanis. He demanded that the murderer be investigated on merit and be brought to justice as this is a grudge kill hiding behind the false accusations of blasphemy.

We hope that this murderer is brought to justice because if killings like this keep happening using the name of religion, the Muslim society is undoubtedly doomed to a dark future. In our opinion, laws also need to be passed for special punishment in such cases or else, anyone can kill anyone on personal grudges and then name it for the love of religion. This needs to stop!


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