This Girl Was Tortured To The Point That She Lost Her Senses

This Girl Was Tortured To The Point That She Lost Her Senses


Currently Reading: This Girl Was Tortured To The Point That She Lost Her Senses

Pakistani society is the epitome of misogyny and absurd behavior towards women. For decades, Pakistan has witnessed the creeping rot of irrational, unfair and uncalled for male dominance in the wrong way. Women in Pakistan are not even safe in their own houses with men named to be their husbands, let go out on the streets alone. It is with great despair and dejection that we share this story of a young, beautiful girl from Lahore named Sawera, who was brutally tortured by her husband and the in-laws. This girl was tortured to the point that she lost her senses.

Heartbreaking Story Of Sawera

Sawera was a young girl belonging to a noble family in Lahore. She was married to man named Shahbaz almost an year ago. This marriage soon turned out to be hell for her as she was tortured and physically assaulted by her husband all the time. This so called man named Shahbaz refused to allow her to go to her mother at all and kept her in isolation. Sawera’s father died before her marriage and her mother could only do so much for her.

This Girl Was Tortured To The Point That She Lost Her Senses

In this cruelty, not only the husband was involved, rather the entire family-in-law supported Shahbaz morally as well as physically, even beating her along with Shahbaz. After months of this nerve wrecking torture and abuse, Sawera had a nervous breakdown and has unfortunately lost all senses of consciousness. She is literally a living dead body as of now and we can only pray for her fast recovery, if that is possible.

Accountability For Shahbaz And His Family

As far as the animals responsible for this cruelty are concerned, Sawera’s mother is making sure to drag them all in the court and get them reprimanded. She has already filed a case in the court that has been accepted by the judge and is now eligible for hearing.

This Girl Was Tortured To The Point That She Lost Her Senses

The girl at the moment still resides with her brutal husband on the order of the court. Sawera was taken to the court on a stretcher for the judge to see her condition. On looking at her condition, he ordered the police to take her back to her husband’s house and keep her under the best medical care possible. She will be kept in her husband’s house till the trials.

Domestic violence is brewing into a greater and greater nuisance with every passing day. Instead of victim-shaming, we need to identify the real culprits, men in most cases. Such men should be persecuted and left to rotten in jail cells for the rest of their lives, as a consequence of ruining a perfectly beautiful life.

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